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Protect Science Funding!  Join the FABBS Action Alert List Now!

Dear members of SIOP,

We are writing to enlist your help in protecting funding for science – particularly the kind of science you practice as an I-O psychologist.  You can help by joining the Action E-List of FABBS, the Federation of Associations in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences – the organization that represents you to Congress and other branches of government. 


In Washington, DC and on the campaign trail, Republicans and Democrats alike are talking about cuts to federal spending. The Budget Control Act agreed to by the White House and Congress last year capped federal spending for 10 years, and set in play additional cuts of $1.2 trillion to domestic spending that are set to begin in January 2013 and run for another 8 years.  Your participation can help limit the damage to funding for our sciences.

NIH predicts that when the cuts scheduled to begin in Jan. 2013 are added to already stagnant funding levels, success rates will drop into the single digits and there will be a loss of around 2300 research grants. NSF and other federal science agencies are likely to take similar hits.

We are particularly concerned that in the effort to find cuts, our sciences could be targeted.  In recent years, the value of federal funding for our sciences was called into question in a House subcommittee hearing, and one Senator specifically called for the elimination of the NSF Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate.

We need you! As members of Congress debate government cuts, we need to marshal ALL our resources and be ready to respond. To do this, we need you to register for FABBS Action Alerts.

Over the coming weeks, we hope to register thousands of scientists in our database. Once registered, you will receive an alert if something occurs that needs your attention. You will be directed to a specific message prepared by FABBS, and if you approve the message, an email will be sent to your member of Congress. It’s that easy!

Sign up now for FABBS Action Alert (“Action E-List”), and ask your colleagues to do the same: http://www.fabbs.org/news/alerts-register/.   Please be sure to use your home contact information so that your Congressional district will be registered correctly.