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Social and Behavioral Sciences in Action


The Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (DBASSE) of the National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, invites you to the inaugural symposium of its new initiative, Social and Behavioral Sciences in ActionIt will be held on Monday, September 24, 2012, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Room 100 at the Keck Center, 500 5th St., NW, Washington, DC. An informal reception will follow the event. 

The symposium will feature perspectives on the contributions of the social and behavioral sciences to national security, medicine and engineering.  Speakers include:

  • Kenneth Prewitt, Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs, Columbia University, and Chair, DBASSE Advisory Committee
  • Rita R. Colwell, Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland, College Park
  • Mary Cummings, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Robert A. Fein, Secret Service, retired; Department of Psychiatry, Harvard University
  • Lucian L. Leape, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health
  • John D. Lee, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of WisconsinMadison

Commentary will be provided by Ralph J. Cicerone, President of the National Academy of Sciences and Chair of the National Research Council, Harvey V. Fineberg, President of the Institute of Medicine, and Charles M. Vest, President of the National Academy of Engineering.  The symposium is co-sponsored by DBASSE’s Henry and Bryna David Endowment, SAGE, and CQ Press. 


Please register today, as seating will be limited. The agenda and other materials, and information about a webcast, will be available at www.sbs-in-action.org.  If you have questions, feel free to contact Mary Ellen O’Connell (moconnell@nas.edu), Deputy Executive Director, DBASSE or Barbara Wanchisen (bwanchisen@nas.edu), Director, Board on Human Systems Integration and Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences. We hope that you will be able to join us on September 24. 

Sincerely yours,




Robert M. Hauser, NAS
Executive Director, DBASSE