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SIOP Newsbriefs Guidelines



The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to streamline communication by replacing a volume of e-mail communications that were coming from several sources at SIOP, including committee chairs, officers, administrative office staff, and others. By pulling all messages into one newsletter, the information reaches members more efficiently in a credible and professional manner. 

  • SIOP Newsbriefs communicates topical information, especially related to deadlines and SIOP programs, meetings, and activities.
    • Content is not specific but merely a high-level overview with links to detailed information elsewhere, such as the SIOP website.
    • For example, content may include but is not limited to special messages from the SIOP president, promotion for upcoming events, various reminders such as important dates, and any other information that may benefit members.  
    • Inclusion in the newsletter cannot be guaranteed due to space limitations. 
  • SIOP Newsbriefs has two main sections, including article stories, located in the body of the newsletter, and a list of announcements, located in the right column.
    • Each edition has a few full stories, with headlines listed at the top of the newsletter.
    • Other information that is still important but does not warrant a full story is added to the announcements section. With short, concise wording, this section provides quick links to further information.  

·         SIOP Newsbriefs is not used for advertising, personal gain, or non-SIOP related communications.


The newsletter is produced by the SIOP Administrative Office, with oversight by the Electronic Communications Committee. Also, please note these guidelines are subject to change.

To submit comments or items for the newsletter, please email sbelow@siop.org. Click here for specific submission guidelines.


SIOP Newsbriefs Contact Information:

SIOP Administrative Office
440 East Poe Rd. Suite 101

Bowling Green, OH  43402

Email:  sbelow@siop.org
Phone:  419-353-0032
Fax:  419-352-1562