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2007 Leading Edge Consortium a Success – Order DVD Now

SIOP has produced a smash hit with its Leading Edge Consortium series! 

The 3rd annual event proved to be another success, as participants enjoyed this year’s theme of “Enabling Innovation in Organizations.” Last week’s event brought together leading edge practitioners, researchers, and business executives to examine issues regarding innovation.

“Creativity is getting ideas, but innovation is getting ideas done,” said keynote speaker David DiGiulio, a former research and development and human resources executive for Procter & Gamble.  Other keynoters included noted academic and business author Ed Lawler and international shipping executive Ingar Skaug.

There were 25 speakers who took part in the program.  Each speaker’s presentation was unique, examining a different facet of innovation in an organizational setting.  The meeting also had an international flair with speakers from China, Israel, Italy, Norway, and Great Britain. 

Thanks goes to all the presenters and sponsors who helped make the consortium such a great success! 

Nearly 150 attendees gathered for this 2-day event, which was held in Kansas City, MO, Oct. 26–27.  The smaller size of the consortium, compared to the Annual Conference, and the general session format provided an ideal opportunity to learn and interact in a more intimate setting.

There was a presentation on opportunity and opportunity detection, a series of presenters on team and individual creativity, a panel discussion regarding the dark side of innovation, presenters focused on organizational support for innovation, panelists who explored corporate innovation, presentations on the strategies for fostering creativity, speakers who highlighted culture and innovation, and presentations on innovation in the real world.

If you missed the event, you can still experience the engaging sessions via DVD, which will contain all presentations held throughout the meeting.  DVD orders are currently being accepted.  You can purchase your 2007 Consortium DVD online or by calling the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032.

In addition, DVDs are still available for previous-year consortia. These can also be purchased online or by calling the SIOP Administrative Office.  The 2005 Consortium DVD focuses on “Leadership at the Top:  The Selection, Globalization and Ethics of Talent Management,” and the 2006 Consortium DVD focuses on “Talent Attraction, Development, and Retention.”

Looking Ahead to Next Year:  To be held in Cincinnati, OH, next year’s Leading Edge Consortium is scheduled for Oct. 17–18, 2008.  Focusing on coaching, this will be yet another great meeting you do not want to miss.  It is never too early to mark your calendars for this exclusive event!