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Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection: Titles J-Z

Japanese Psychological Research

Jewish Social Studies

Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology

Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour

Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling

Journal of Adult Development

Journal of Aging Studies

Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education

Journal of American College Health

Journal of Analytical Psychology

Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

Journal of Asthma

Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders

Journal of Behavioral Education

Journal of Behavioral Finance

Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research

Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Child & Family Studies

Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry

Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry & Allied Disciplines

Journal of Child Psychotherapy

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Neuropsychology

Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology

Journal of Clinical Child Psychology

Journal of Clinical Psychology

Journal of Cognition & Culture

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy

Journal of College Counseling

Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology

Journal of Community Health Nursing

Journal of Community Psychology

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

Journal of Constructivist Psychology

Journal of Consumer Behaviour

Journal of Consumer Psychology (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates)

Journal of Counseling & Development

Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology

Journal of Drug Issues

Journal of Education

Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk

Journal of Educational & Psychological Consultation

Journal of Educational Research

Journal of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders

Journal of Employment Counseling

Journal of Environmental Education

Journal of Experimental Education

Journal of Family Practice

Journal of Family Therapy

Journal of Family Violence

Journal of Forensic Psychiatry

Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology

Journal of General Psychology

Journal of Genetic Psychology

Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry

Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama & Sociometry (15453855)

Journal of Happiness Studies

Journal of Higher Education

Journal of Human Development

Journal of Human Development & Capabilities

Journal of Humanistic Counseling

Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education & Development

Journal of Humanistic Education & Development

Journal of Individual Psychology

Journal of Individual Psychology (00221805)

Journal of Instructional Psychology

Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability

Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. Supplement

Journal of Interprofessional Care

Journal of Investigative Psychology & Offender Profiling

Journal of Jewish Communal Service

Journal of Learning Disabilities

Journal of Legal Medicine

Journal of Leisure Research

Journal of Loss & Trauma

Journal of Managerial Issues

Journal of Medical Humanities

Journal of Men's Studies

Journal of Mental Health

Journal of Mental Health Counseling

Journal of Moral Education

Journal of Motor Behavior

Journal of Multicultural Counseling & Development

Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Journal of Occupational Psychology

Journal of Parapsychology

Journal of Personal & Interpersonal Loss

Journal of Personality

Journal of Personality Assessment

Journal of Phenomenological Psychology

Journal of Popular Culture

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

Journal of Psychiatry & Law

Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience

Journal of Psychology

Journal of Psychology & Christianity

Journal of Psychology & Financial Markets

Journal of Psychology & Theology

Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (Taylor & Francis Ltd)

Journal of Reproductive & Infant Psychology

Journal of Research in Music Education

Journal of Research in Reading

Journal of Research on Adolescence (Blackwell Publishing Limited)

Journal of Research on Adolescence (Lawrence Erlbaum)

Journal of Retailing

Journal of Russian & East European Psychology

Journal of School Health

Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy

Journal of Sex Education & Therapy

Journal of Sex Research

Journal of Sexual Aggression

Journal of Social & Clinical Psychology

Journal of Social Behavior & Personality

Journal of Social Issues

Journal of Social Psychology

Journal of Social Work Education

Journal of Social Work Practice

Journal of Socio-Economics

Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare

Journal of Special Education

Journal of Sport Behavior

Journal of Structural Learning & Intelligent Systems

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences

Journal of the History of the Neurosciences

Journal of the Learning Sciences

Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses

Journal of Traumatic Stress

Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

Journal of Women's Health

Journal of Women's Health & Gender-Based Medicine

Journal of Women's Health (15409996)



Leadership Quarterly

Learning & Individual Differences

Learning Disabilities Research & Practice (Blackwell Publishing Limited)

Learning Disabilities Research & Practice (Lawrence Erlbaum)

Learning Disability Quarterly

Legal & Criminological Psychology

Leisure Sciences

Leisure Studies

Marine & Freshwater Behaviour & Physiology

Mathematical Cognition

Measurement & Evaluation in Counseling & Development (American Counseling Association)

Measurement & Evaluation in Counseling & Development (Sage Publications Inc. )

Medical Anthropology

Medical Education


Mental Health in Family Medicine

Mental Health, Religion & Culture

Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews

Metaphor & Symbol

Metaphor & Symbolic Activity

Milbank Quarterly

Military Psychology

Military Review

Mind, Culture & Activity

Modern Psychoanalysis

Molecular Psychiatry

Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development

Motivation & Emotion

Multivariate Behavioral Research


Nature Neuroscience

Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Neural Computation

Neurological Sciences


Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

New Crisis (15591603)

New Directions for Higher Education

New Directions for Student Services

New Zealand Journal of Psychology

Nordic Journal of Psychiatry

North American Journal of Psychology

Occupational Psychology

Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics

Organizational Analysis

Organizational Dynamics

Oxford Review of Education

Pain Practice

Pain Reviews

Palliative Medicine

Pastoral Psychology


Personal Relationships

Personality & Social Psychology Review (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates)

Personnel & Guidance Journal

Personnel Journal

Personnel Psychology

Perspectives in Psychiatric Care

Philosophical Psychology

Physics Essays

Political Behavior

Political Psychology

Politics & the Life Sciences

Primary Care Mental Health

Professional School Counseling

Psychiatric Quarterly

Psychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences

Psychiatry: Interpersonal & Biological Processes


Psychoanalytic Dialogues

Psychoanalytic Inquiry

Psychoanalytic Studies

Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic Practice

Psychological Inquiry

Psychological Record

Psychological Research

Psychological Science (Wiley-Blackwell)

Psychological Science in the Public Interest (Wiley-Blackwell)

Psychologist-Manager Journal

Psychology & Health

Psychology & Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice

Psychology in the Schools

Psychology of Women Quarterly

Psychology Today

Psychology, Crime & Law

Psychology, Evolution & Gender

Psychology, Health & Medicine



Quality of Life Research

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology: Section A

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology: Section B


Reading & Writing Quarterly

Reading Psychology

Reading Teacher

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin

Religious Education

Remedial & Special Education

Research in Education

Research in Science & Technological Education

Research Papers in Education


Roeper Review

Rural Sociology

Scandinavian Audiology

Scandinavian Journal of Behaviour Therapy

Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences

Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care

Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care. Supplement

Scandinavian Journal of Psychology

Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine

Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review (Wiley-Blackwell)

School Counselor

School Psychology Review


Scientific American

Scientific American Earth 3.0

Scientific American Mind

Scientific American Presents

Scientific American Special Edition

Scientific American Special Issue

Seeing & Perceiving

Self & Identity

Sexual & Relationship Therapy

Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity

Sexualities, Evolution & Gender

Sexuality & Disability

Social Analysis

Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal

Social Cognition

Social Development

Social Forces

Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology

Social Research

Social Science Journal

Social Science Quarterly (Blackwell Publishing Limited)

Social Science Quarterly (University of Texas Press)

Social Studies

Social Work

Social Work in Education

Social Work Research

Social Work Research & Abstracts

Somatosensory & Motor Research

South African Journal of Psychology

Spatial Vision

Structural Equation Modeling

Studies in Higher Education

Substance Use & Misuse

Support for Learning

Teaching & Learning in Medicine

Teaching of Psychology

Theory Into Practice

Therapy Today

Thinking & Reasoning

Time Europe

Topics in Early Childhood Special Education

Transportation Human Factors

Urban Review

Virginia Quarterly Review

Visual Cognition

Volta Review

Westminster Studies in Education

Work & Stress

Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science