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Publication Index

Please click the links below to view the materials and publications that are included in the SIOP Research Access service.

To determine if a publication is included in the research service, refer to the listing under each database. For more information, refer to the detailed lists. Some publications have embargoes (i.e., the full text version isn’t available for 12 for 18 months after publication) while some have indexing and abstracts only, and not the full text service.


Click the links below to view the complete lists of titles included in each of the three databases available through the EBSCO portion of the SIOP Research Access. Lists are available both as HTML pages and as PDFs.


Business Source Corporate database

Complete list of Business Source Corporate journals and magazines

Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection database

Complete list of Psychology and Behavior Science magazines and journals

SocIndex database with Full Text

Complete list of SocIndex articles with full text

SIOP Learning Center

The list below describes topics and content areas that are available as audio and video files in the SIOP Learning Center. For sample files, click here.

Topics and Content Areas of Events

Leading Edge Consortium

Developing and Enhancing High Performance Teams (2010)
Selection and Assessment in a Global Setting (2009)
Executive Coaching (2008)
Enabling Innovation in Organizations (2007)
Talent Attraction, Development, and Retention (2006)
Leadership: Selection, Globalization, and Ethics of Executive Talent (2005)

Annual SIOP Conference

  1. Careers/Mentoring/Socialization/Onboarding/Retirement
  2. Coaching/Leadership Development
  3. Consulting Practices/Ethical Issues
  4. Counterproductive Behavior/ Workplace Deviance
  5. Emotions/Emotional Labor
  6. Employee Withdrawal (e.g., absence, turnover)/Retention
  7. Global/International/Cross-Cultural Issues
  8. Groups/Teams
  9. Human Factors/Ergonomics
  10. Inclusion/Diversity (e.g., sexual orientation, race, gender)
  11. Innovation/Creativity
  12. Job Analysis/Job Design/Competency Modeling
  13. Job Attitudes/Engagement
  14. Job Performance/Citizenship Behavior
  15. Judgment/Decision Making
  16. Leadership
  17. Legal Issues/Employment Law
  18. Measurement/Statistical Techniques
  19. Motivation/Rewards/Compensation
  20. Occupational Health/Safety/Stress & Strain/Aging
  21. Organizational Culture/Climate
  22. Organizational Justice
  23. Organizational Performance/Change/ Downsizing/OD
  24. Performance Appraisal/Feedback/ Performance Management
  25. Personality
  26. Research Methodology (e.g., surveys)
  27. Staffing (e.g., recruitment, applicant reactions, selection system design, succession planning, workforce planning)
  28. Strategic HR/Utility/Changing Role of HR
  29. Teaching I-O Psychology/Student Affiliate Issues/Professional Development
  30. Testing/Assessment (e.g., selection methods, validation, predictors)
  31. Training
  32. Work and Family/Non-Work Life/Leisure