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 Beginning with the 2012 Conference, predoctoral individual winners of scholarships (Lee Hakel, Mary Tenopyr, George Thornton, and Graduate Student) and other awards (Joyce and Thayer Fellowship, and the Flanagan, Wallace, and Wherry awards) are being recognized as SIOP Scholars.

All previous winners of these honors as well as new awardees are part of what is hoped to become a true community of scholars. Using social media and other means,SIOP Scholars can connect and maintain contact as their careers develop, forming an enduring network of people who have demonstrated substantial potential for contributions to our field, in the hope that such connections will foster future exchange of ideas for practice and research. In this way, being a SIOP Scholar can have enduring value to both recipients and the profession.

Lynda Aiman-Smith
Tammy D. Allen
Maureen L. Ambrose
Smriti Anand
Susan Bachman
Marino Sidney Basadur
Talya N. Bauer
Alene Becker
Scott J. Behson
Christopher M. Berry
Whitney Botsford Morgan
Bret Bradley
Daren E. Buck
Bethany H. Bynum
Daniel M. Cable
Michael A. Campion
David Chan
Luye Chang
Amy Colbert
Elizabeth A. Conjar
Brian S. Connelly
Deborah F. Crown
Renee E DeRouin-Jessen
Daniel S. Derue
Stephan Dilchert
Lisa M. Donahue
David W. Dorsey
Amy DuVernet
Taly Dvir
Marissa S. Edwards
Mark G. Ehrhart
B. Parker Ellen III
Katherine Ely
Justin Feeney
Lisa Finkelstein
Deborah K. Ford
Dahlia S. Forde
Colette A. Frayne
Gary Giumetti
Jill W. Graham
Adam Grant
Michael Grojean
Amy B. Gross
Emily Johnson Guder
Wayne S. Hall
Kathy A. Hanisch
Mary Ann Hannigan


John P. Hausknecht
Michelle (Mikki) Hebl
David A. Hofmann
Kristen Horgen
Jia (Jasmine) Hu
Emily M. Hunter
Remus Ilies
Dan Ispas
Jeff W. Johnson
Ryan C. Johnson
Kristen P Jones
Eugene Kim
Eden B. King
Ute-Christine Klehe
Chris Kubisiak
Lisa M. Leslie
Benjamin E. Liberman
Thomas G. Lokar
Aleksandra Luksyte
Jeremy D Mackey
Juan Madera
Ari A. Malka
Andrea J Marsden
Jennifer W. Martineau
Rodney A. McCloy
Laurel A. McNall
Dana Milanovich Costar
William H. Mobley
Sarah Y. Moore-Hirschl
Neil Morelli
Frederick P. Morgeson
Elizabeth W. Morrison
Elizabeth J. Muniz
Lisa H. Nishii
Christopher D Nye
Julie B. Olson-Buchanan
Deniz S. Ones
Fred Oswald
Joon Hyung Park
Alissa D. Parr
Angela M. Passarelli
Kenneth Pearlman
Lisa M. Penney
Katie A Piccone
Robert E. Ployhart
Bennett A Price
Robert D. Pritchard

Anuradha Ramesh
Kenneth Randall
Christopher E. Reilly
Erin M. Richard
Jordan M. Robbins
Loriann Roberson
Lisa Roberts
Steven M. Rumery
Syed Saad
Joshua M. Sacco
Kristin Sanderson
Andrea Saravia
Mahima Saxena
William A. Schiemann
Steven E. Scullen
Jenessa Shapiro
Amanda R. Shapiro
Payal N. Sharma
Megan N. Shaw
Abbie J. Shipp
Kristen M. Shockley
Marissa L. Shuffler
Mary Jane Sierra
Linda S. Simon
Robert R. Sinclair
Daniel Skarlicki
John F. Skinner
Lori Anderson Snyder
Joann S. Sorra
Adam Stetzer
Stephen A. Stumpf
Subrahmaniam Tangirala
Paul E. Tesluk
Bianco Trejo
Stacey Turner
Paul T. Van Katwyk
Chockalingam Viswesvaran
J. Craig Wallace
Laurie E. Wasko
Sandy J. Wayne
Sallie J. Weaver
Evan L Weinberger
Steffanie L. Wilk
Kelly S. Wilson
Michael M Woodward
Liu-Qin Yang
Edward P. Zuber