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Eligibility Criteria

Nominees will be judged in terms of their overall contribution to understanding the role played by individual differences in predicting, explaining, or facilitating human behavior and performance. The following properties of that total contribution will be considered:

  • Appropriateness – primary focus is on the assessment, prediction, explanation, or specification of individual differences, i.e., emphasis is on individual differences that are important for predicting, changing, or explaining human behavior and performance.
  • Quality – sound scientific and technical base. Fads, fashions, and folderol will be discounted.
  • Impact – innovative, programmatic work that has had significant and lasting impact on the field, advancing understanding, research, and/or practice. The research or work illuminates understanding of differences among individuals and the casual role of individual differences on behavior and performance.

Number of publications and citation counts are secondary and perhaps even irrelevant concerns. Rather, it is the quality and impact of the work along with focus on the role of individual differences in predicting, changing, and explaining human behavior and performance.

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