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Submission Guidelines and Criteria

The following guidelines for submitting a candidate must be observed:

  1. The Nominator must be a SIOP member in good standing and will need their username and password to initiate the nomination using SIOP’s online awards program. Self-nominations are welcome.
  2. SIOP membership is not a requirement for nominee(s).
  3. The nominator must provide a minimum of 3 but no more than 5 letters of recommendation. One of the required letters may be from the nominator. It is the responsibility of the nominator to gather the recommendation letters and upload them, using the online awards program.
  4. A self-statement from the nominee or nominated team is required.
  5. The Dunnette Prize is intended to recognize individuals who have made programmatic, significant, and lasting contributions to understanding the casual nature of individual differences on behavior and performance. Nominees are thus likely to be in later stages of their career or life, although mid-career nominees are not precluded.
  6. Dunnette Prize recipient(s) are expected to give an invited address about the prize winning contributions at the SIOP conference at which the award is received.

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