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TIP 52 #4

April 2015

Table of Contents   PDF

A Message From Your President  PDF
Jose Cortina

The Editor‘s Out-Box: As the I-O Turns...   PDF
Morrie Mullins

Editorial Columns

The High Society: Bulking Up I-O Psychology     PDF
Paul Muchinsky

Organizational Neuroscience: Connecting Counterproductive Work Behavior With the Resource Depleted Brain: A TIP Interview With Professor Michael Christian     PDF
M.K. Ward and Bill Becker

Errata      PDF

Practitioners‘ Forum: Clients Can’t Always Get What They Want, but if You Show Impact…They’ll Get What They Need     PDF
Ben Porr and Jenna Bender

The I-Opener: Oh, PhD. I Get It Now     PDF
Steven Toaddy

International Practice Forum: Showcasing I-O Psychology in South Africa     PDF
Lynda Zugec, with Ameetha Garbharran and Kim Dowdeswell

SIOP in Washington: President Releases FY 2016 Budget Request     PDF
Seth Kaplan and Laura Uttley

Practitioners‘ Ponderings     PDF
Richard M. Vosburgh

TIP-TOPics: The Path Less Traveled: Starting a Career in Your Specialty Area     PDF
Allison M. Ellis, Layla Mansfield, and Tori L. Crain

History Corner: Early Pre-Industrial-Organizational Psychology Employment Tests: Part II     PDF
Jeffrey M. Cucina

The Academics‘ Forum: Motivation, Emotions, and Stress, Oh My! Lessons Learned from the Academic Job Search     PDF
Allison Gabriel and Serge P. da Motta Veiga

Max. Classroom Capacity     PDF
Marcus W. Dickson and Loren Naidoo

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: An Introduction to Ashley Hoffman     PDF
Alexander E. Gloss and Lori Foster Thompson

The Modern App: Personalizing the Learning Experience Through Adaptive Training     PDF
Tiffany Poeppelman, Eleni Lobene, and Nikki Blacksmith

On the Legal Front: OFCCP Enforcement Efforts on Sex Discrimination in Compensation     PDF
Dan Kuang

Foundation Spotlight: On Microwave Ovens and Wayne Gretzky      PDF
Milt Hakel

Meet the Administrative Office!      PDF

Feature Articles

The Virtue of Persistence      PDF
Edwin A. Locke, Kevin J. Williams, and Aline Masuda

Procrastination at its Best      PDF
Piers Steel

The Development of a Content Valid Tool to Assess Organizational Policies and Practices Concerning Workplace Sexual Harassment     PDF
Charles J. Hobson, Jana Szostek, and Louise E. Fitzgerald

Who Bought Who? A Look at the M&A History of IBM      PDF
Courtney C. Gear, Logan J. Michels, Daniel A. Sachau, and Richard Olson

Identifying the Competencies, Critical Experiences, and Career Paths of I-O Psychologists: Consulting     PDF
Alexandra I. Zelin, Joy Oliver, Samantha Chau, Bethany Bynum, Gary Carter, Mark L. Poteet, and Dennis Doverspike


Philadelphia Conference Highlights      PDF
Kristen Shockley and Eden King

Professional Practice Committee Update      PDF
Mark L. Poteet

News from the SIOP-United Nations Team: Attention All I-O Programs: It‘s Time to Join the United Nations Global Compact!     PDF
Drew Mallory, Deborah E. Rupp, John C. Scott, Lise Saari, Lori Foster Thompson, Mathian Osicki, and English Sall

“Ebola, Goals, and Fire, Oh My!“ Three Great Reasons to Go to the 2015 American Psychological Association Convention     PDF
Ann Huffman

Obituary: Allan Jones      PDF

Lauren Kenney

SIOP Members in the News    PDF
Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings    PDF
Marianna Horn

SIOP Information    PDF


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