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Proposed Bylaws for Consideration by SIOP Members and Fellows

Beginning December 2, 2016,  and continuing through January 2, 2017, voting SIOP members (SIOP Members, SIOP Retired Members, SIOP Fellows, SIOP Retired Fellows) will vote on two proposed bylaw amendments. In accordance with SIOP Bylaws Article IX (Amendments) Section 1, a notice of these proposed bylaw changes was emailed to the last known address of SIOP Members at least 30 days before the scheduled vote. The first proposed amendment provides recognition for persons elected as SIOP president-elect but who are unable to serve as president due to death or illness. The second bylaw amendment eliminates an outmoded membership category as recommended by the Membership Committee.

Below you will find the language for the proposed amendments as well as a rationale for each proposal. Both amendments have been recommended for passage by the SIOP Executive Board of Directors. Only bylaws sections with changes are shown. If you would like to view the bylaws in their entirety, please go here.

If you wish to comment on the proposed changes or have questions, please email Executive Director Dave Nershi at dnershi@siop.org. Comments will be compiled and shared with the Executive Board. Affirmative votes from a majority of those voting is required to approve the proposed bylaws amendments.

Proposed Bylaws Amendment 1 - Presidential Recognition


In March 2016 Dr. James L. Outtz passed away. He was elected to, and serving in, the position of SIOP president-elect. This unfortunate event created a situation where someone who was elected by SIOP members to serve in the Society’s highest office as President could not do so. There would be no historical record of what would have been a career highlight. This situation could occur in the future not only due to death but also illness.

The Executive Board of Directors considered this at their April 17, 2016, meeting. They approved a motion to present to the voting membership a bylaws proposal that would recognize an individual who is elected SIOP president but then is unable, due to death or illness, to serve in the role. The person will be recognized in historic records as having been elected SIOP President. This action will not impact the line of succession for SIOP President.

Proposed Addition

Article V: Nominations and Elections, Section 18 (New)

An individual who is elected SIOP President but is unable, due to death or illness, to serve in the role shall be recognized as President in SIOP historical records. This acknowledgement will not affect the line of succession; it is intended to provide recognition of that individual as having been elected SIOP President.

Proposed Bylaws Amendment 2 - Elimination of International Affiliate Category


There are multiple membership types within SIOP and different eligibility requirements for each, as governed by the Society’s Bylaws. Among these is the “International Affiliate” whose designation requires that applicants a) reside in a country other than the United States and b) meet all the criteria for “Member” or “Associate.” The Executive Board of Directors agrees with a Membership Committee recommendation to remove the “International Affiliate” designation. 

As of October 25, 2016, SIOP has 334 current International Affiliates and 8 Retired International Affiliates. Current and former International Affiliates will be transitioned to Associate should this amendment pass.

There are several reasons for removing the “International Affiliate” (IA) designation. These include

  1. SIOP has become increasingly international, and distinguishing between US and non-US members is not as inclusive as we might like. Rather than treat members differently based on location, we would prefer to rely on credentials and involvement in the I-O community. 
  2. Although IAs may have the credentials to be considered Members (per the criteria listed in the Bylaws), there is no way to distinguish them from IAs with the credentials to be an Associate. As such, by default they are granted the privileges of Associates (non-voting). Removing the IA designation will align credentials more solidly with rights and privileges within SIOP.
  3. With the newly created path from Associate to Member in place, it is unclear how IAs are impacted. Again, as noted above, some IAs already have the credentials to be Members while others are more closely aligned with Associates. Having the additional IA designation creates unnecessary confusion.
  4. Confusion often arises with the current IA designation such that individuals originally from other countries but residing in the United States frequently don’t understand why they are not eligible for the IA designation. Similarly, people from the United States living in other countries often do not realize they would be eligible for this designation. Removal of this designation could eliminate unnecessary confusion.

On April 17, 2016, the SIOP Executive Board of Directors voted unanimously to present the proposed bylaws amendment eliminating the International Affiliate designation for approval by the voting membership.

Proposed Changes:

Article II: Membership

  1. The Society shall have four categories of membership: Society Member, Society Fellow, Society Associate, and Society Student Affiliate. Criteria for membership are specified in the following definitions of each membership category.

3b. Society Fellows shall, at the time of their election to Society Fellow status, have been Society Members or Society International Affiliates for no less than two years. Society Fellows who are also members of the APA or APS may seek Fellowship status in those organizations as part of the SIOP Fellow application process but such Society Fellows must also be approved by those organizations for Fellowship status. Society Fellows who have not also been approved for Fellowship status in the APA or APS applied for on the basis of their SIOP membership may only refer to themselves as being Fellows of SIOP but not of these other associations.

  1. Society International Affiliates shall be those who reside in a location other than the U.S. and who otherwise meet the criteria for Society Member or Society Associate. Society Student Affiliates shall be students presently engaged in formal study related to the purpose of the Society as stated in Article I, Section 2e.

5a. Society Student Affiliates shall not have voting privileges accorded to Society Members, but they are invited to participate in the Society’s program of activities.

5b. If dues are required of Society Affiliates, nonpayment of dues shall be considered equivalent to resignation of Society Affiliate status.

5c. To be eligible for Fellow status, Society International Affiliates shall have met all criteria for Society Member status.

  1. The Membership Committee of the Society will review applications and make recommendations for Society Member, and Society Associate, and Society International Affiliate status in the Society. Applicants will be notified of the decision in a timely manner.
  2. The Fellowship Committee of the Society will review the qualifications of all persons nominated for Society Fellow status. A Society Member or Society International Affiliate may be nominated for Society Fellow status by either a Society Member or a Society Fellow. SIOP Fellow applicants must be sponsored by three Society Fellows. The nominator may be one of the sponsors if he or she is a Society Fellow. Candidates for Fellow status shall specify in their application if they are also applying for new Fellowship status in APA or APS as part of the SIOP Fellow application process. Such applicants must also comply with the procedures prescribed for new Fellows by the organization to which the nomination is being made. Persons who are approved for SIOP Fellow status but not for Fellowship status in another association (APA or APS) may not refer to themselves as being a Fellow in the other association(s).

Underline indicates added text. Only bylaws sections with changes are shown. To view the bylaws in entirety, go here.