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I-O Comps Mail List at NYU

iocomps@lists.nyu.edu is a listserve designed as a resource for I-O graduate students who wish to collaborate with one another in the preparation for their respective comprehensive examinations. Subscribers may post appropriate questions, answers, comments, citations or essays relevant to comprehensive exams. Note that this listserve is solely for collaboration in preparing for comps.

In order to subscribe, all students need to do is the following:
Send an e-mail to: listproc@lists.nyu.edu that reads:

subscribe iocomps Firstname Lastname

For example:
subscribe iocomps John Doe

After they are subscribed, users will get a welcome message with instructions, including how to unsubscribe. After that, all they have to do is send messages to iocomps@lists.nyu.edu and they will automatically receive any other postings.

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Last updated August 20, 1998 by Larry Nader