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Saturday Sessions by Content Area


215 Mentoring Gone Awry–When a “Good Thing” Goes Wrong, Franciscan B, 8:30AM
223 Frontier Series Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations, Franciscan A, 9:00AM
233 Mid-Career Changes by I-O Psychologists: Reflections on Successful Transitions, Continental 9, 10:30AM
237 On-Boarding Processes for Transiting I-O’s Into Corporate and Consulting Roles, Franciscan C, 10:30AM
255 Person–Job, Person–Organization, and Person–Environment Fit, Franciscan A, 12:00PM
258 Generational Faultlines in the Workplace: Directions for Research and Practice, Yosemite B, 12:00PM

Coaching/Training/Leadership Development

213 Please Don’t Go! Focusing on Retention and Engagement of Women, Continental 6, 8:30AM
246 Interactive Posters 1 to 2: Defining Leadership: Bring Wimpy Back, Executive Board Rm, 11:30AM
251 Building Management Capability:  The Road to Competitive Advantage, Continental 6, 12:00PM
266 Poster 1: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
278 Poster 1: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM
287 Transforming Leadership Through Talent Development Programs, Continental 8, 3:30PM

Counterproductive Behavior/Workplace Deviance

253 Examining the Relationship Between Affect, Emotions, and Counterproductive Work Behaviors, Continental 8, 12:00PM
275 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Poster Session, Executive Board Rm, 1:30PM
297 Structural and Individual Predictors of OCB and CWB, Yosemite C, 3:30PM

Emotions at Work/Emotional Labor

231 A Tale of Two Emotion Strategies: Surface and Deep Acting, Continental 7, 10:30AM

Employee Withdrawal (e.g., absence, turnover)/Retention

222 Interactive Poster 1: Appearances Do Matter After All, Executive Board Rm, 9:00AM
294 Employee Retention: Fighting the War for Talent, Imperial B, 3:30PM

Global/International/Cross-Cultural Issues

209 Issues in Personality Assessment in Non-Western Cultures, Imperial B, 8:00AM
211 Expatriate Success: Findings From Ten Host-Cultural Clusters Around the World, Continental 2, 8:30AM
239 Posters 1 to 2: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30AM
243 Ensuring Global Validity of Employee Opinion Surveys, Yosemite B, 10:30AM
264 Organizational Psychologists and World Poverty: Our Roles and Obligations, Franciscan C, 12:30PM
285 Rethinking the Concept of Culture for Use in Organizational Psychology, Franciscan C, 2:00PM


214 Virtual Teams: Cutting-Edge Research Developments, Continental 7, 8:30AM
256 Team Coordination in High-Risk Environments, Imperial B, 12:00PM
227 M. Scott Myer Award: TeamSTEPPS™: Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety, Continental 3, 10:30AM
289 Frontier Series; Team Effectiveness in Complex Organizations: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives and Approaches, Franciscan A, 3:30PM

Inclusion/Diversity (e.g., sexual orientation, race, sex)

205 The Diversity of Organizational Diversity: Generalizing Findings Across Diverse Groups, Continental 8, 8:00AM
220 New Research on Age Stereotypes From the U.S. and EU, Yosemite C, 8:30AM
222 Interactive Poster 2 to 3: Appearances Do Matter After All, Executive Board Rm, 9:00AM
262 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Managing Diversity: What’s the Big Deal?, Executive Board Rm, 12:30PM
266 Poster 2: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
267 Harassment Research Advances: Taking Action and Health and Affective Outcomes, Imperial A, 12:30PM
278 Poster 2: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM
284 Stigmatized in the Workplace: Perceived Stereotypes Are Just the Beginning, Continental 4, 2:00PM


221 Distinguished Professional Contributions Award: Organizational Culture Change Is Not About Changing People’s Mental Sets,         Continental 3, 9:00AM
245 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award: Work Motivation: Use-Inspired Research and Science-Based Practice, Continental 3, 11:30AM

Job Analysis/Job Design/Competency Modeling

288 Practical Considerations and Future Directions in Job Analysis and Specification, Continental 9, 3:30PM

Job Performance/Citizenship Behavior

248 Poster 1: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30AM
252 OCB: Going Beyond Traditional Models of Social Exchange, Continental 7, 12:00PM

Judgment/Decision Making

263 Individual Differences and Decision Making at Multiple Levels of Analysis, Franciscan B, 12:30PM


210 Antecedents and Consequences of Unethical Leadership, Yosemite B, 8:00AM
212 Measuring the Impact of Leadership Development, Continental 4, 8:30AM
219 Cultivating Global Leaders: Selection, Development, and Preventing Derailment, Yosemite A, 8:30AM
228 Critical and Emerging Topics in the Study of Leadership, Continental 4, 10:30AM
236 Emotions and Leadership, Franciscan B, 10:30AM
242 Forging the Leader’s Character, Yosemite A, 10:30AM
246 Interactive Posters 3 to 4: Defining Leadership: Bring Wimpy Back, Executive Board Rm, 11:30AM
259 An Unbalanced Equation? Exploring Followership Within the Leadership Process, Yosemite C, 12:00PM
272 Leadership Development: Scientist–Practitioner Reports From the Field, Continental 7, 1:30PM
273 Leadership in Groups and Teams: How and Why It Matters, Continental 8, 1:30PM
276 Leadership Talent Management, Franciscan A, 1:30PM
278 Poster 3 to 31: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM
279 Beyond the Numbers: Engaging Corporate Leaders in Employee Research Findings, Imperial B, 1:30PM
286 Predicting and Developing Leader Social Awareness and Influence, Continental 7, 3:30PM
290 Multilevel and Multiperspective Research in Leader–Member Exchange, Franciscan B, 3:30PM
298 Closing Conference Address, Continental 4, 4:30PM

Measurement/Statistical Techniques

225 A Comparison of Fixed-, Random-, and Mixed-Effects Models in Meta-Analysis, Continental 1, 10:30AM


207 Frontier Series Work Motivation:  Past, Present, and Future, Franciscan A, 8:00AM
241 Advances in Regulatory Focus Research, Imperial B, 10:30AM
283 Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award Winner  Motivation in and of Teams: A Multilevel Journey, Continental 3, 2:00PM

Occupational Health/Safety/Stress & Response

203 Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award Winner  Sweat the Small Stuff: The Effects of Managers on Employee Health,          Motivation, and Happiness, Continental 3, 8:00AM
226 Safety in Organizations: Moderators and Mediators of Safety Climate, Continental 2, 10:30AM
250 Relationships Between Supportive Work Environments and Worker Safety Outcomes, Continental 2, 12:00PM
269 Occupation/Industry Focused Studies of Safety Climate, Continental 2, 1:30PM

Organizational Culture/Climate

266 Posters 3 to 15: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM
296 Innovative Use of Survey Data for Organizational Change and Restructuring, Yosemite B, 3:30PM

Organizational Performance/Change/Downsizing/OD

234 Interactive Posters 1 to 4: Stop Resisting Organizational Change: It is Futile, Executive Board Rm, 10:30AM
268 How People Change: The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, Continental 1, 1:30PM

Performance Appraisal/Feedback

266 Posters 16 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 12:30PM


239 Posters 3 to 28: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30AM
248 Posters 2 to 12: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30AM
274 Applicant Faking Behavior Through the Practitioner’s Lens, Continental 9, 1:30PM
295 Regulatory Focus: Understanding Relationships With Individual Differences and Behavior, Yosemite A, 3:30PM

Research Methodology (e.g., surveys)

206 How I-O Psychology Can Contribute to Evidence-Based Management, Continental 9, 8:00AM
232 Write, for These Words Are True: Uncovering Complexity in I-O, Continental 8, 10:30AM
249 Constructive Use of Comments in Organizational Surveys: A Targeted Tutorial, Continental 1, 12:00PM

Staffing (e.g., recruitment, applicant reactions, selection system design, succession,/workforce planning, etc.)

216 Personnel Selection for High-Risk Occupations: Our Current State, Franciscan C, 8:30AM
218 Assessment Best Practices, Challenges, and Considerations in the Sales Industry, Imperial A, 8:30AM
222 Interactive Poster 4: Appearances Do Matter After All, Executive Board Rm, 9:00AM
230 The Role of Unstructured Information in the Employment Interview, Continental 6, 10:30AM
240 Onboarding New Executives: Rationale, Current Practices, and Trends, Imperial A, 10:30AM
257 Integrating Conditional Standard Errors of Measurement Into Personnel Selection Practices, Yosemite A, 12:00PM
261 That Can’t Be True! Detecting Faking Using Bogus Items, Continental 4, 12:30PM
280 Implementing New Technology Into Different Organizations’ Selection Systems, Yosemite A, 1:30PM
281 The Role of Employer Image on Recruitment Processes and Outcomes, Yosemite B, 1:30PM

Strategic HR/Utility/Changing Role of HR

239 Poster 29: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30AM
254 Generation Gap Challenges and Opportunities Arising From the Demographic Shift, Continental 9, 12:00PM

Teaching I-O Psychology/Student Affiliate Issues/Professional Development

208 Keynote Address:  Preparing for the Future: A Critical-and-Constructive Look at I-O Education, Grand Ballrm A, 8:00AM
217 A Special Debate on the State of I-O Training, Grand Ballrm A, 8:30AM
238 Meeting Stakeholder Needs: Views From Industry, Consulting, and Academia, Grand Ballrm A, 10:30AM
265 Innovations in I-O Teaching and Curricula, Grand Ballrm A, 12:30PM
277 Connecting Education to Practice, Grand Ballrm A, 1:30PM
292 The Future of I-O Education: Theme Track Integration and Open Forum, Grand Ballrm A, 3:30PM
293 Getting Your Feet Wet: Master’s and Undergraduate Internship Experiences, Imperial A, 3:30PM

Testing/Assessment (e.g., selection methods; validation; predictors, etc.)

202 Lights, Camera, Action: How To Develop a Video-Based Test, Continental 1, 8:00AM
224 Posters 1 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 9:00AM
229 Assessment Center Validity: Where Do We Go From Here?, Continental 5, 10:30AM
239 Poster 30: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 10:30AM
244 Validity/Practical Implications for Call Center Agent Job Simulations, Yosemite C, 10:30AM
247 Juggling Act! Competing Demands in Applied I-O, Franciscan C, 11:30AM
248 Posters 13 to 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 11:30AM
260 Measuring Information and Communication Technology Literacy, Continental 3, 12:30PM
270 Benefits and Challenges of Online and Unsupervised Adaptive Testing, Continental 5, 1:30PM
271 Recent Research on Retesting and Its Implications for Selection, Continental 6, 1:30PM
282 Comparing Empirical Keying Methods, Yosemite C, 1:30PM
291 SJTs Aren’t Just for Selection: Use in Development and Training, Franciscan C, 3:30PM

Work and Family/Non-Work Life/Leisure

204 Implementing Strong Research Designs in the Work–Family Interface, Continental 5, 8:00AM
235 Work–Family Interface, Franciscan A, 10:30AM
278 Poster 32: Poster Session, Grand Ballrm B, 1:30PM