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26th Annual Preconference Workshops, Friday Seminars, and Other CE Sessions 

Preconference Workshops 
(Wednesday, April 13, 2011; 8:30 AM–12:00 PM and 1:30 PM–5:00 PM) 

(Two workshops, lunch, and a cocktail reception are included in the workshop price.)

To attend the following workshops, you must preregister for two workshop sessions and receive confirmation that you are registered!  Please pick up your materials Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. or Wednesday beginning at 7:15 a.m. at the Registration desk (Lobby Level). Participants receive 7 APA CE credits for attending two workshops.

1. Coachability or Coach Ability: Coaching the "Uncoachable"

2. Generalizing Validity Evidence: How Is It Done and Is It Right for My Situation? 

3. Coming Full Circle With 360s: Driving and Sustaining Individual and Organizational Change  

4.Doing Good Well: Putting the “I & O” Into Corporate Social Responsibility

5. Performance Management Myth Busters: Best Practices That Don’t Work and How to Make Them Better

6. Navigating the Legal Maze: How-Tos and How-Not-Tos in Employment Litigation

7. Put Your Survey on a Diet: How to Develop, Deploy, Analyze, and Justify Brief Measures of Organizational Constructs

8. Creating Strong Links: Connecting Strategy, Talent Management, and Organizational Outcomes.

9. The Incredible Shrinking Training Program and Other Adult Learning Trends 

10. Beyond the Org Chart: Classic and Contemporary Considerations in Organization

11.  A Practitioner’s Guide to the Galaxy…of Statistical Methods: A Primer on Developments From the Last Two Decades and a Look Ahead 

12. Individual Contributors: The “Other” Employee Group (AKA This Isn’t Your Father’s Leadership Workshop)

Friday Seminars  (Friday, April 15, 2011)

To attend, you must preregister for one or two and receive registration confirmation. Three (3) APA CE credits each for attending.

AM Sessions

Session 128: Organizational Research and Grant Funding: Challenges, Benefits, and Opportunities
(10:00 am–1:00 pm, Wiliford A)
Session 145: Economic Downturn: Psychological Issues (10:30 am–1:30 pm, Wiliford B)

PM Sessions

Session 180: The Relevance and Viability of Subconscious Goals in the Workplace
 (1:30 pm–4:30 pm, Wiliford A)
Session 187: How Do You Know What Your Employees Are Going Through? Logistical, Statistical, and Practical Methods for Assessing Daily Experiences at Work (2:00 pm–5:00 pm, Wiliford B)

Master Tutorials

One and one-half hours of APA CE are available for each of these two sessions:

Session 200: Managing Coaching Practices: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Session 227: Executive Versus Emotional Intelligence: 21st Century High Performance Strategy

Theme Tracks

(Receive 5 hours of APA CE credit for attending all Thursday sessions and/or 6 hours of APA CE for attending all Saturday sessions.)

Thursday: Managing HR for Environmental Sustainability

  • Session 21: Introduction and Keynote Address: A Journey in Environmental Sustainability
  • Session 26: Symposium: Green HR: Environmentally Sustainable Organizations, Jobs, and Employees 
  • Session 50: Symposium: Leading and Engaging Employees in Sustainable Organizations
  • Session 66: Poster Session 
  • Session 86: Symposium: Change Management and Interventions for Environmental Sustainability 

Saturday: Using Data to Influence Organizational Decisions and Strategy

  • Session 237: Introduction: Using Data to Influence Organizational Decisions and Strategy Presentation: Learning in Action: Leveraging Data From the Employee Experience to Drive Performance
  • Session 241: Presentation: People Decisions That Support and Shape Organizational Strategy: Science and Art
  • Session 260: Symposium: Improving Decision Makers’ Consumption of Data-Based Findings
  • Session 285: Lightning Round: Telling a Compelling Story With Data in Five Minutes
  • Session 304: Panel Discussion: What Convinces Us Doesn’t Necessarily Convince Execs: What They Didn’t Teach You in Grad   School About Influencing
  • Session 311: Closing Keynote and Wrap-Up Session: People Analytics: Is It All in Our Heads? 

Master Collaboration

Session 198: Session 198: Executive Assessment, Leadership, and Management Development

(This is one session showcasing two different collaborative efforts. Earn one [1] CE credit.)

An Academic–Practitioner Collaboration to Create High-Engagement Executive Assessment & Development Experiences.
Lee J. Konczak and David E. Smith

Creating a Leadership and Management Development Framework: An Internal–External Collaboration.
Kelly Adam Ortiz and Beth Moore 

HRCI credits also available. Check the conference Web site for listing (www.siop.org/conference).