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2013 Conference Content Areas

Placing your submission into a content area helps to ensure it is evaluated by a reviewer with specific content expertise. These categories and groupings are identical to those from last year. Please read through every content area to make sure you pick those with the best fit. We recognize that this list is not exhaustive. There is no “other” category. Choose the “best fit.”

1. Careers/Mentoring/Socialization/ Onboarding/Retirement
2. Coaching/Leadership Development
3. Consulting Practices/Ethical Issues
4. Counterproductive Behavior/ Workplace Deviance
5. Emotions/Emotional Labor
6. Employee Withdrawal (e.g., absence, turnover)/Retention
7. Global/International/Cross-Cultural Issues
8. Groups/Teams
9. Human Factors/Ergonomics
10. Inclusion/Diversity (e.g., sexual orientation, race, gender)
11. Innovation/Creativity
12. Job Analysis/Job Design/Competency Modeling
13. Job Attitudes/Engagement
14. Job Performance/Citizenship Behavior
15. Judgment/Decision Making
16. Leadership
17. Legal Issues/Employment Law
18. Measurement/Statistical Techniques
19. Motivation/Rewards/Compensation
20. Occupational Health/Safety/Stress & Strain/Aging
21. Organizational Culture/Climate
22. Organizational Justice
23. Organizational Performance/Change/ Downsizing/OD
24. Performance Appraisal/Feedback/ Performance Management
25. Personality
26. Research Methodology (e.g., surveys)
27. Staffing (e.g., recruitment, applicant reactions, selection system design, succession planning, workforce planning)
28. Strategic HR/Utility/Changing Role of HR
29. Teaching I-O Psychology/Student Affiliate Issues/Professional Development
30. Testing/Assessment (e.g., selection methods; validation; predictors)
31. Training
32. Work and Family/Non-Work Life/ Leisure 


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