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2013 Conference Special Thanks!

Dear SIOP Colleagues:

Below you will find information and instructions regarding submissions for the 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Both expert and novice SIOP presenters should pay careful attention to the guidelines; we have included changes in submission requirements (e.g., changed word length requirements) with the overall goal of further enhancing the quality of our fantastic program.

Coordinating our annual conference is an exceptional team effort involving hundreds of dedicated volunteers. I’d like to acknowledge a few of the key committees and contributors:  Deborah Rupp was responsible for coordinating the program of the fabulous 27th conference in San Diego and continues to serve in an advisory capacity as past-chair; Evan Sinar is the Program Chair-in-Training. Deborah, Evan and I comprise the Strategic Program Planning Subcommittee, and it is our responsibility to design, coordinate, and successfully deliver the SIOP conference program. We will meet in October to assign reviewers to each submitted proposal and again in November to set cut scores and schedule the program.

The subcommittees plan pivotal pieces of the program and the chairs of these committees, along with their committee members, are listed below.

The SIOP Administrative Office oversees all of our efforts under the outstanding leadership of Dave Nershi, SIOP’s Executive Director. We are grateful to each member of the staff who contributes a unique expertise that ensures our success: Jen Baker, Clif Boutelle, Emeka Ewuzie, Linda Lentz, Larry Nader, Jim Rebar, Stephany Schings Below, and Tracy Vanneman.

Volunteers are essential to ensuring the quality of the conference by reviewing a huge number of submitted proposals. Please consider volunteering to be a reviewer (again, or for the first time) to review 3 to 5 papers. This conference would not be possible without your help; please watch for the e-mail in mid-July formally inviting reviewers.

Finally, our thanks go to those who have taken the time to provide valuable feedback regarding ways to continuously improve the SIOP program and conference. We are in the process of making a number of procedural changes in response to your suggestions. We know from your input that attending and presenting at SIOP provides an immense opportunity for professional growth and networking. We do hope you will be a part of the 28th annual conference in Houston. 

I am truly honored to be a part of the planning team for the 2013 SIOP conference and greatly look forward to seeing everyone in Houston!

Eden King, Program Chair
George Mason University
E-mail: program@siop.org

Strategic Program Planning Subcommittee Members:
Eden King, Program Chair (2013)
Evan Sinar, Incoming Program Chair (2014)
Deborah Rupp, Past Program Chair (2012)

Invited Speakers Subcommittee
Autumn Krauss, Chair
Kristin Charles
Sarah Dearmond
Elizabeth McCune
Matthew Monnot

Master Collaboration Subcommittee
Dana Glenn-Dunleavy, Chair
Alex Alonso
Caren Goldberg
Nick Vasilopoulos
Hailey Herleman

Sara Jansen Perry, Chair
Emily Hunter
Kathryn Keeton
Corina Rice
Kelly Schwind Wilson  

Friday Seminars
Laurent Lapierre, Chair
Silvia Bonaccio
Russell Johnson
Rustin Meyer

Communities of Interest/Interactive Posters
Jessica Nicklin, Chair
Christopher Cerasoli
Jeffrey Cucina
Kara Jeansonne
Ben Walsh

Thursday Theme Track
Evan Sinar, Chair
Tanya Boyd
Alana Cober
Megan Leasher
Kristen Shockley
Emily Stehura
Paul Yost


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