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Presenter Checklist/Recommended Resources


(Available also in a PDF version)

Have you defined your goals for your presentation? What do you want the audience to learn that they didn’t know before? Do you have a “call for action” that you want to convey?
Does your presentation connect with those of others in your session? Aligning with others’ messages will help produce a session that is thematically integrated, enhancing its impact
Have you budgeted time appropriately? Take into account timing for the full session including potential overruns; timing can vary substantially between practice and live presentations
Have you simplified your visuals and made them legible for the entire audience? Note that figures and graphics tend to be more impactful than text and that audience members may be seated up to 75 feet from the presentation screen
Have you clearly communicated the structure of the presentation? If audience members are aware of your plans for the presentation, clarity and memorability will increase
Have you summarized your presentation’s key points and audience implications? Consider implications for the full scope of the SIOP audience spanning affiliations, countries, etc.
Have you practiced your presentation to ensure it engages and connects with the audience? Practicing with a colleague who can time you and provide feedback can be particularly beneficial
Have you indicated where and how the audience can learn more about your topic? Make it easy for the audience to request and ask questions about your content

We have also identified several “quick-read” resources providing presentation tips and techniques for new and experienced presenters alike.  These resources were selected to match comments made by past SIOP attendees about the factors distinguishing high-quality presentations. We recommend at least a brief review of these authors’ suggestions while planning your presentations!

Further detailed suggestions can be accessed: http://www.siop.org/Conferences/14Con/Presenters/

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