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 Some Tips to Optimize Your Search of Consultant Locator

The Consultant Locator Service enables users to search for I-O consultants based on the types of services provided, key words, name, or geographic location. The user’s search results will display consultants who match the criteria and can be expanded to show a photo, a consultant bio, contact information, and the geographic areas in which the consultant provides service. Search results can be sorted by column headers.


When entering keywords, separate them with commas only, no spaces. Note: Entering multiple keywords will search for consultants matching ALL the keywords.

Consultant Area of Service

This is where you input the geographic areas where you want to search. If you check “United States” you will be given the option of seaching all states or narrowing your selection down to one state. For Canada, you will be able to search all provinces or narrow the search down to one province. You can also select International for consultant providing services beyond the U.S. and Canada.

 Best Search Strategy

Cast a wide net. If you are interested in finding an I-O consultant in, say, Virginia, choose United States as the country and pick Virginia from the dropdown. Leave everything else on the search page unchanged. On the results page, simply click on the consultant's record to see the biographical information. Use your own judgment to find a good fit for your needs. Once you have accessed a consultant, you may also click on any of the keywords listed in their bio to search for other consultants with that keyword.

Try different retrievals to familiarize yourself with the search interface. You can't break it, and you might find a perfect match where you least expect it.

Good luck in your search!

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