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Ensuring All Feel Welcome

SIOP Committees and Leaders Work to Promote Diversity, Justice, and Equality

Through its efforts to promote the research and practice of I-O psychology, SIOP brings individuals, groups, and organizations together to understand and promote diversity, justice, and equality both nationally and internationally, within organizations and beyond.  SIOP supports our current committee work to this end and welcomes member involvement.

One example of these efforts is the Committee for Ethnic and Minority Affairs (CEMA), chaired by Kisha Jones, working proactively with the SIOP policing initiative, led by Amy Grubb, to incorporate key diversity considerations into local, state, and federal policing practices (e.g., training, selection, recruiting). The policing initiative was spearheaded by then-president-elect Jim Outtz and SIOP's government relations firm, Lewis-Burke. “Evidence-Based Solutions to Policing Reform: Organizational Psychology Applications to Promote Safety and Effectiveness” was a resource released in January 2016 as a way for SIOP to urge federal, state, and local decision makers to apply industrial and organizational psychology’s data-driven methods to enhance various elements of policing reform....Read more

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SIOP Weighs in on the Importance of Forensic Sciences

On August 4, SIOP joined several other scientific societies to sign on to a letter to leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, urging them to reject deep cuts to forensic science research at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) that were proposed by President Trump’s fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget request....Read more

SIOP Seeks Conference Reviewers
The SIOP 2018 Program Committee is requesting SIOP members’ help to build a top-notch, peer-reviewed conference program in Chicago! Signing up Read more...
Social SIOP
New Survey Sheds Light on Members’ Social Media Use SIOP has been involved in social media for several years, having created Read more...
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State of the Union

New Episode of The I-O Podcast Now Available

A new episode in SIOP’s The I-O Podcast series is now available! The second installment of the series, titled “State of the Union,” includes interviews with (immediate) past, present, and future presidents to discuss the future of I-O psychology and how SIOP is optimizing the organization to serve members’ needs....Read more