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Performance Reviews’ Less Than Favorable Reputation Can Be Fixed

SIOP Members Propose Performance Management Strategy That Redirects Attention to Day-to-Day Workplace Behaviors

By Clif Boutelle, SIOP Public Relations

Annual performance reviews and ratings have been one of the most talked about business stories of the year. There is ample evidence that managers and employees alike dread them and consider them time-consuming and ineffective in boosting engagement and performance.

It’s a hot discussion point for many companies and will be one of the featured topics at SIOP’s upcoming Leading Edge Consortium October 2-3 in Boston. Titled “Building a High-Performance Organization: A Fresh Look at Performance Management,” the LEC will bring together leaders in the field of performance management to explore the future of performance reviews and what, if anything, will replace them....Read more

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Feigning Interest: Will Job Applicants Fake What They Love to Get a Job?

Defined as the love and passion people have for certain work activities and the environment, vocational interest has been shown to successfully predict how well people perform in the workplace.

However, will job applicants honestly report their vocational interests when they are told that their responses will be assessed for hiring decisions?
...Read more

SIOP Schedules Website and my.SIOP Upgrades
Beginning Monday, October 5, the SIOP Administrative Office is implementing changes to SIOP.org and my.SIOP that will enable the office Read more...
Applied Psychology Serving America
President Obama Issues Executive Order in Support of Applied Psychology, Makes Social and Behavioral Science Team Permanent President Barack Obama gave Read more...
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Bank of America and Huntington Bank Named 2015 HRM Impact Award Recipients

SHRM, SIOP and Their Foundations Recognize Exemplary Evidence-based HR Management

SIOP and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) have announced winners of the 2015 Human Resource Management Impact Award. ...Read more

  • Bank of America implemented the “Bank of America Universal Fit Pre-Hire Assessment.” In partnership with SHAKER, Bank of America created an innovative, custom assessment and realistic job preview (RJP), which was based on a comprehensive job analysis and validated through a criterion-related, concurrent validation approach.
  • Huntington Bank created the “VOICE Colleague Engagement Survey,” which uses a data-driven approach to measure organizational culture, employment brand, employee engagement, and turnover, and link them to overall organizational performance.
- See more at: http://www.siop.org/article_view.aspx?article=1441#sthash.2YzcrpOe.dpufReceiving the award for 2015 are