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SIOP Government Relations Introduces Policing Reform Initiative to Congressional Staff

In February, SIOP President-Elect Jim Outtz joined Lewis-Burke for a series of meetings with representatives from Capitol Hill and nongovernmental organizations to highlight the impacts and applications of I-O evidence-based research on policing reform, to urge stakeholders to apply I-O research to related policies and programs, and to position and promote SIOP as a collaborator and resource for these organizations going forward.

The meetings were part of a nearly year-long comprehensive initiative that began with a discussion led by Lewis-Burke at the April 2015 Annual Conference. During the conversation, Dr. Outtz proposed developing a government relations initiative on policing as a way to apply I-O to an active federal policy debate by leveraging SIOP members’ research on police recruitment and selection processes, leadership, individual and organizational decision making, and training. Following the meeting, Lewis-Burke began working with Dr. Outtz to create a working group to coordinate I-O efforts in this space and consider evidence-based solutions to complex policing challenges. …Continue reading in the April issue of TIP!

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SIOP Welcomes New TIP Editor

Behrend to Continue Digital Evolution and Promote Readership

By Clif Boutelle, SIOP Public Relations

For the next three years, the editorship of SIOP’s quarterly publication The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP) will be under the capable leadership of Tara Behrend. She is succeeding Morrie Mullins, who guided TIP from print to digital....Read more

SIOP Passes New Guidelines for Education and Training in I-O Psychology
Students, faculty, and administrators in the field of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology now have a new document to help them develop Read more...
In a Sea of Change, McPhail Sets Course to Prepare I-O for the Future
SIOP President Mort McPhail challenged members to embrace and adapt to rapidly changing business and social environments during his closing Read more...
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SIOP’s Committees Need You!

One of the best ways to become more involved in SIOP is through committee service 

With only a small administrative staff and an annual membership of more tha 9,000 people throughout the world, SIOP relies heavily on volunteers to support and maintain the organization’s vitality....Read more