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SIOP Formally Endorses Rosie Phillips Bingham for APA President

The SIOP Executive Board’s Emergency Action Committee unanimously approved a motion from the four APA Council Representatives representing SIOP/Division 14 (Georgia T. Chao, Deirdre Knapp, Gary Latham, and Stephen Stark), to formally endorse Rosie Phillips Bingham for APA President.

This endorsement is based on the following information:

  1. On August 2, 2017, two of the five candidates for APA President made presentations to Council Representatives. Rosie Phillips Bingham was the only candidate that specifically mentioned I-O psychology, advocating for more I-O psychology in general psychology textbooks. A second candidate, Steven Hollon, was focused on only one issue – establishing guidelines for mental health practices.
  2. President Oswald invited all candidates to respond to questions related to SIOP interests. Only three candidates submitted responses (Bingham, Hollon, and Ray DiGiuseppe). Rosie Bingham’s responses were received first and viewed as comments specific for SIOP. All responses received can be found here.
  3. Council Representative Georgia Chao met with Rosie Bingham and was impressed with Rosie’s interest in Division 14 and her commitment to be inclusive. It was also observed that Rosie Bingham attended caucus meetings related to General Applied Psychology and the Caucus for Academic, Scientific, and Applied-Research Psychology.
  4. Of all five candidates, Rosie Bingham has, by far, the most experience in various aspects of APA Governance. She is highly respected in APA.

SIOP generally does not endorse a candidate for APA President. However, in 2004, SIOP’s Executive Committee formally endorsed Sharon Brehm, so there is a precedent for this action. A formal endorsement of a non-Division 14 member sends a clear signal to APA that Division 14 can play a visible role in APA governance. Although the general voting participation rate in APA elections hovers around 15%, last year over 600 of the 1400 eligible SIOP/APA voting members voted, making Division 14’s voting participation rate closer to 42%. Thus, formal endorsement of an APA Presidential candidate can raise Division 14’s influence in APA governance. Finally, formal endorsement may guide more Division 14 members to vote in APA elections, further increasing our clout.