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2006 Lee Hakel Scholarship Winner

The 2006 recipient of the Lee Hakel Graduate Student Scholarship is Adam Grant of the University of Michigan who received his doctorate in June.

His dissertation focused on designing work contexts to motivate employees to care about having a positive impact on others.

His advisor was Jane Dutton, chair of the Management and Organizations Department in the Ross School of Business at Michigan.

Grant says his I-O interest stemmed from his observations as a youngster that many people had jobs they did not seem to enjoy or care about. “Many saw their work as just a paycheck. It was refreshing to see those who were passionate about what they did.”
“I was fortunate as an undergraduate at Harvard University to work with professors with backgrounds in I-O, and I saw I-O as an opportunity to actually study work and motivation. I wanted to learn and research ways to design jobs to enhance employee motivation and well-being.”

He has started to publish his findings and has two papers in press with major journals, including the Academy of Management Review and Organizational Behavior and Human Design Processes.

Currently he is teaching at Michigan and is looking forward to a tenure-track position in a business school.

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