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Foundation Annual Reports



Click on the image to the right to access the goals and accomplishments of the SIOP Foundation during the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  We have some exciting new initiatives in the works, including the presentation of the inaugural Dunnette Prize at the annual conference and the new Fund for the Future. The Dunnette Prize will provide the largest cash prize to date from the SIOP Foundation and recognizes a lifetime of achievement, more details can be found in the annual report.  Please review pages 10 and 11 of the annual report to see the current endowed funds of the SIOP Foundation. These funds provide support for I-O research and acknowledgements for members of our field. You just might find one that you would like to support with your  donation. You can also see the names of those who have helped us get where we are today.
We are grateful for your interest and support, and we will welcome more of it at any time.  Comments and suggestions too. 
Thank you.
Milton Hakel
SIOP Foundation President
PS: Having trouble? Copy and paste or click on this link: http://www.siop.org/foundation/AR2014
Prefer a PDF copy? Click here.



Past Annual Reports

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