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2006 Graduate Student Scholarship Winner

Enrolling in the I-O program at the University of Maryland was “one of the best decision I ever made,” says Anu Ramesh, who left her native India 5 years ago to work toward a doctorate.

While an undergraduate at the University of Delhi, Ramesh became interested in I-O. She volunteered with a nonprofit organization in India and noticed that people came and left, and it was difficult to create a stable workforce. In addition, after her move to this country, she realized the importance of culture.

That is why she decided to study the cultural factors that influence employee turnover for her dissertation. She says a country’s culture can play a significant role in how organizations can retain their employees.

 Michele Gelfand, her dissertation advisor and an authority on cross-cultural issues, provided Ramesh greatly appreciated support and guidance in the undertaking.

Now her goal is nearly complete as she expects to graduate in early 2007. The SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship she received at this year’s SIOP conference in Dallas will be used to meet some of the research expenses for her dissertation.

Ramesh’s research interests are in culture, retention, and performance appraisals, and she plans to continue her work in the field of research psychology.

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