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Key to Abbreviations and Notations

admin administrative mgmt management
analyt analytical min minimum
asst assistant MIS mgmt. information systems
asstship assistantship mo month
avg average n/a not available/applicable
cog cognitive non-term. non-terminal
couns counseling O organizational
dept department OB organizational behavior
devel development OD organizational development
doc doctoral/doctorate org organizational
F female OT Organizational theory
fellow fellowship prof professional
gen general psych psychology
GMAT Grad. Mgmt. Aptitude Test quant quantitative
GPA grade point average RA research assistantship
GRE Graduate Record Exam req required
grad graduate sem semester
HR human resources sci Science
HRM human resource management sr senior
I industrial TA teaching assistantship
I-O industrial-organizational term terminal
IR industrial relations undergrad undergraduate
Jr junior univ university
M male yrs years
MAT Miller Analogies Test    

Definitions of requirements/features

  • Qualifying exam: A written exam which qualifies a student to continue toward the degree.
  • Preliminary exam: A written/oral exam that must be passed by doctoral candidates before carrying out the doctoral dissertation research.
  • Comprehensive exam: A final written/oral exam which must be passed in order for a degree to be awarded.
  • Internship: A structured program of practical experience for students who have completed all or most of their course work, inside a company, government office, or consulting firm. The internship is supervised, typically by a staff I-O psychologist who appraises the intern's performance and provides feedback and coaching.
  • Practicum: Any type of practical experience, on or off campus, for which the student receives graduate course credit. Normally supervised by the faculty, but may be supervised by someone in the employing organization.
  • Field work: Experience working in the area of one's training but for which graduate course credit is not normally given. (Includes relevant summer work.)

Other Factors Considered for Admission

  • Comp/Stat - computer/statistical skills
  • Quant - quantitative courses
  • Extracurr - extracurricular activities
  • Rsrch - previous research experience
  • Interpers - interpersonal skills
  • Science - science courses
  • Intervw - personal interview
  • Statemnt - personal statement
  • Job - previous work experience
  • Writing - writing skills

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