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A Description of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Society for Industrial and Organizational (SIOP) is a Division within the American Psychological Association (APA, Division 14) and affiliated with the Association for Psychological Science (APS). SIOP is also separately incorporated as a non-profit organization. Its goal is to promote human welfare through the various applications of psychology to all types of organizations providing goods and services, such as manufacturing concerns, commercial enterprises, labor unions or trade associations, and public agencies. Its purposes are scientific, professional, and educational, and not for financial gain.

Society members benefit from exchange of professional developments and timely scientific information. Some activities of the Society include:

A subscription to The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, TIP, a quarterly newsletter describing SIOP’s activities and publishing timely articles of interest in the field.  Also a subscription to Industrial and Organizational Psychology:  Perspectives on Science and Practice, which focuses on interactive exchanges on topics of importance to science and practice in our field.   Subscriptions are available for non-members by contacting the SIOP Administrative Office.

A 3-day conference on current scientific and professional issues in I-O psychology. The conference is also preceded by a day of concurrent workshops providing in-depth treatment of current topics in the field.

A program of symposia, papers, and special addresses at the APA annual convention.

A continuing series of edited books, called Organizational Frontiers in I-O Psychology, on topics at the cutting edge of the field. The Professional Practice Series is a similar series of books describing successful practice of I-O psychology in various organizational settings.  These books are organized, written, and edited by the Society.  They are published by Routledge and Jossey-Bass and are available for purchase from the SIOP Store. 

A Web site that contains important information about SIOP, the field of I-O psychology, Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral Level..., Guidelines for Education and Training at the Master's Level..., Instructor's Guide for Introducing I-O Psychology..., Graduate Training Programs, and other publications.  Has a variety of Web-based services including JobNet, Consultant Locator, and Media Resources. 

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Industrial-organizational psychologists (called I-O psychologists) are versatile behavioral scientists specializing in human behavior in the work place. I-O psychologists are:

Scientists who derive principles of individual, group, and organizational behavior through research;

Consultants and staff psychologists who develop scientific knowledge and apply it to the solution of problems at work; and

Teachers who train in the research and application of I-O psychology.

I-O psychologists work with organizations in a variety of areas such as selection and placement, training and development, organizational development and change, performance measurement and evaluation, quality of worklife, consumer psychology, and engineering psychology.

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