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Graduate Training Programs Preface

This directory provides information about graduate-level training programs in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology. In addition, graduate-level programs in related business fields (e.g., Human Resource Management (HR), Organizational Behavior (OB), Industrial and Labor Relations, ILR) are also included. The directory describes programs leading to a Ph.D. (or other doctoral-level) degree in Psychology Departments and in Business Schools, and programs leading to a terminal Master's degree. Programs in each section of the directory are arranged alphabetically.

The information presented here was obtained through a survey mailed to the heads of all known graduate-level I-O, HR, and OB programs throughout the United States and Canada. A concerted effort was made to gather information about all established programs. However, a number of factors may have led to specific programs not being represented in this directory. We apologize for any programs that were inadvertently omitted.

The directory provides five types of information about graduate-level training programs in I-O psychology and related fields: (a) program characteristics, features, and requirements; (b) faculty; (c) students; (d) admission standards; and (e) financial aid. This information should prove useful to students who are considering graduate-level study in I-O or closely related fields, and to faculty and counseling staff who advise students about such study.

Users of this directory should note that the presence or absence of information about specific programs should not lead to inferences about their relative quality. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology has no responsibility for the accreditation or rankings of such programs.

Users of this directory should also note that although every attempt was made to collect and accurately report relevant information about programs, a number of factors may lead to discrepancies between the information reported herein and the characteristics, requirements, and/or admission standards of programs at some future point in time. These include changes in program faculty, program funding levels, and program emphasis. Consequently, users of the directory are strongly encouraged to consult with relevant programs for complete and current information about each program. A complete listing of programs and contact addresses is provided for this purpose.

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