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RHR International LLP

Job Summary


RHR International LLP


Atlanta, GA, United States

Education Level


Work Experience

0-1 Year



Job Category

Industry, Gov., Consulting

Analyst: Executive Assessment and Development

About the Organization

We are a firm of management psychologists and consultants who work closely with senior executives to accelerate individual, team and business performance.

RHR has focused on the specific needs of CEOs, top management, and key leadership personnel throughout its entire 65-year history. Our professionals become trusted advistors to the CEOs of the majority of our clients. Among these leaders, we are known for candor - an honesty, directness, and willingness to challenge that has real value at the senior level.

About the Job

The mission of this role is to support the Practice Leader (PL) of Executive Development (EXD) and Individual Assessment (INA) in the devvelopment and deployment of these two practice areas.

Role Activities

  • Revamping tools that currently exist for consultants to increase ease of use, especially those that are on the intranet (examples of tools: project management, marketing decks, sample reports and proposals, etc)
  • Acting as business development and project management support for the firm on EXD/IA projects. Activities to include:

Scope project with PL and account manager

Manage the project and coordinating with administrative support (360 surveys, psychometric testing, aggregate data roll-up and reporting)

Participate as part of the consulting team on 360 interviews, account team updates, and potentially selective client interactions

  • Supporting research activities to support practices

Support Research Director and PL on garnering insights from research project, translating it into promotional material, and/or publishing in accredited and relevant journals

Organize mechanisms to share research findings with the firm

  • Training and Development

Assist PL and Head of Training and Development in designing the most effective training and sharing of “best practices” among consultants

Assist PL in developing training materials

Job Requirements

Behavioral Characteristics Needed

Initiative and work ethic

  • Does not wait to be asked what to do
  • Structures self given a broad mandate
  • Comfortable working in ambiguity without a lot of structure
  • Works with diligence toward deadlines
  • Willing to work non-typical hours on occasional tight timelines

Strong and flexible thinker

  • Strong analytical skills with qualitative and quantitative data
  • Insightful about organizations and leadership
  • Fast processor of new information
  • Brings creativity and open-mindedness to solving problems
  • Willing to take risks with presenting ideas in new areas

Interpersonal flexibility

  • Able to work with demanding, “just in time” consultants
  • Has a service mindset
  • Positive and collaborative in working across projects


  • Sees this as an opportunity to prove oneself and possibly move into a consultant role in 2 years
  • Wants to be a part of a psychological consulting practice; sees this as a positive career move

Experience and Skills

  • Ph.D. in psychology
  • Demonstrated synthetic analytical skills
  • Powerpoint, Excel, Word proficiency
  • Research and writing experience

Application Instructions

Please send CV/Resume by email to Jessica Foster.