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SKS Consulting

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SKS Consulting


Minneapolis Area, MN, United States

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Industry, Gov., Consulting

Talent Assessment Consultant

About the Organization

For more than three decades, SKS has improved the quality of organizational decision-making in the critical areas of selection and development of leaders and key employees for organizations in the Twin Cities and beyond. SKS is a firm dedicated to making organizations successful by way of our expertise in understanding how people function on the job. We identify and then help utilize and grow the capabilities and competencies of our clientele's human resources to the fullest.

"At SKS we are passionate about people - our clients, our peers, our SKS team. We are committed to giving time and attention to those people who join our team to ensure their individual and our team success. The expectations are high but so are the rewards. We pride ourselves on understanding what makes good leaders do great things. Our business acumen, strategic thinking, and knowledge of psychology have improved the quality of organizational decision-making in the critical areas of selection and development at every level. Due to our success, we are growing. If this sounds like the right fit for you, we're looking forward to hearing from you." -Heather Mortensen, Ph.D & Partner, SKS Consulting

About the Job

SKS is rapidly growing and we are eager to add professionals to our core group of consultants. All of our consultants are doctoral-level psychologists with years of experience in consulting and organizational settings. We are currently seeking doctoral psychologists who are interested in managerial and executive assessment. For someone early in their career, we are in a position to provide great training and meaningful experience. This position has the opportunity for significant compensation to individuals that are willing to work hard and demonstrate a strong level of commitment.

Job Requirements

  • Doctoral degree in psychology
  • Knowledge and academic preparation in assessment
  • Relevant work experience preferred but not required (e.g. in a consulting firm, career assessment center, or HR/OD department)
  • Proven track record of consistently delivering high-quality work
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Stong written and verbal communication skills
  • Comfort working on client-facing projects with a client-oriented mindset
  • Motivation toward long-term partnerships with clients
  • Ability to build rapport with senior-level colleagues and clients
  • Self-directed and highly motivated, with a tolerance for ambiguity
  • Professional, responsible, dependable
  • Open-minded, collaborative and team-oriented

Application Instructions