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Mailing List Quote Request

SIOP offers our contact lists for rent to organizations and individuals looking to promote products, services or research.

If you are interested in purchasing a list from SIOP, please complete this form and click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen. The SIOP Administrative Office will receive your request and contact you within 5 business days regarding an estimated quantity of recipients for your list and a price quote.

Mailing List Rental Fees

Simple list

  • Commercial use = $0.16 per name
  • Research purposes = $0.10 per name
  • Research purposes, student rate* = $0.08 per name
  • *lead student on project must be SIOP Student Affiliate member

Complex list

  • Sort fee = $100 flat, added to per name cost above

By submitting this quote request, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • SIOP rents only names and mailing addresses of recipients. No e-mail addresses, employer names, or other information will be provided.
  • SIOP allows for “opting-out” of mailing lists so no list will be all-inclusive.
  • The list is for a one time use only.
  • You will email a digital sample of your intended mail piece to siop@siop.org prior to list delivery.
  • Once you have approved the quantity and price for the list and we have approved your digital sample, you will receive the list in Excel spreadsheet format, along with an invoice.
  • SIOP makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the addresses on the list.


1. Choose whether to limit the list to domestic addresses only:

U.S. addresses only
U.S. and international addresses

2. Choose which type of list you are seeking (choose only one):

Select member group(s)

If you selected conference registrants or I-O psychology graduate program contacts, please proceed to the bottom of the form. These lists cannot be further sorted. If you picked members and do not want to further limit your list, please skip the “Complex List” section below and go straight to the bottom of the form.


A sort fee of $100 will be applied, in addition to the per name cost, for lists including the criteria selections below. Please note that we do not track the employment settings and interest areas of Student Affiliates, so we cannot sort students by those criteria.

3. Demographics

Select if you wish to limit your list to specific cities, states, etc.
City or Cities
State or states
Country or Countries
Degree level
Degree year/year range
Institution from which degree was received
Degree name

4. Employment Settings

Select if you wish to limit your list to specific employment types

Private Sector Organizations

Public Sector Organizations

5. Interest Areas

Select if you wish to limit your list to specific interest areas

Submit Your Quote Request

Your name:

Your organization:

Your e-mail address:

Date you would like to receive list:



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