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Rates and Registration

All of SIOP’s past and present events are consolidated into one center and available to subscribers with each 1-year subscription.

Attendees of either the annual conference or Leading Edge Consortium:

  • Special discounted subscription of $99 to access all events' audio and/or video for 30 days after event materials are made available. After 30 days, non-attendee rates apply.


  • Members who do not attend an event can buy a year's subscription to access the center for only $119 per year, and non-members for $149.

When materials are ready, SIOP will send an e-mail to all attendees announcing the eligibility for the special discounted subscription.

I am a current or previous SIOP member or I am a non-member who has attended a SIOP conference or consortium.
  I'm not a SIOP member and have never attended a SIOP event, and I'll register as a non-member.


Rules of Use

Content on the SIOP Learning Center is for educational and/or personal use only. Presentation on the site does not imply SIOP endorsement of the content, the presenter, or the presenter’s organization.

Content may be used for online education provided the content is presented only to students in that class. Posting on a general university site is prohibited.

Posting Learning Center content on corporate or personal Web sites is prohibited without the expressed written permission of SIOP.

Dissemination of the information on this site to nonsubscribers other than students for which the subscriber is a teacher is grounds for loss of access to the Center without refund. See above for classroom use rules.