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Leading Edge Consortium 2005 DVD


SIOP is pleased to announce the arrival of the Leading Edge Consortium 2005 DVDLeadership at the Top:  The Selection, Globalization and Ethics of Talent Management.  The set of four DVDs contains keynote addresses, sessions and panel discussions held throughout the event.  $49.95

To purchase, go to https://www.siop.org/PubHub/.


Disc 1

1.       Mirian Graddick-WeirManaging Executive Talent During the Perfect Storm:  Lessons Learned from the Top Deck
2.       David NadlerCEO Succession and the BoardThe Evolving Nature of the Process
3.       Bob MuschewskeCEO Selection: Increasing the Odds of Making the Right Choice
4.       Seymour AdlerAssessing Executives Around the Globe: Balancing Standardization and Customization
5.       Rich ArveyThe Role of Genetics and Environment in Shaping Leadership Role Occupancy
6.       Panel DiscussionNadler, Muschewske, Adler, and Arvey

Disc 2

7.       Rob SilzerPlaying Three Dimensional Chess:  The Complexity of Executive Success
8.       Rob KaiserHow is Executive Success Different?
9.       Allen KrautA Powerful and Simple Way to Predict Executive Success:  Results From a 25-Year Study of Peer Evaluations
10.       Panel DiscussionSilzer, Kaiser, Kraut, and Ones
11.       David P. CampbellGlobalization or Not: The Basic Dynamics of Leadership are Timeless and Universal
12.       Mansour Javidan National Culture and Leadership: Findings from GLOBE Project
13.       George Hollenbeck Extreme Makeover: Becoming a Global Executive
14.       Doug ReynoldsHigh Performing CEOs in Asia

Disc 3

15.       Panel DiscussionCampbell, Javidan, Hollenbeck, and Reynolds
16.       Bill MobleyFallacies, Fables, Fung Shui and Fundamental Truths of Leading Internationally
17.       Ron James & Jack Wiley Ethics and Leadership: Shaping Your Corporate Culture
18.       Alec LevensonMeasuring and Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching
19.       Col. Thomas A. Kolditz Building a Bench of Generals:  In Extremis Leadership and the "Net Effect" of War
20.       Steffen LandauerIntegrating Leadership Development Into the Business:  A Case Study From Goldman Sachs

Disc 4

1.       Panel Discussion Landauer, McHenry, Bono, and Kolditz
2.       Ben Dowell The Strategic Allocation of Executive Talent Management Resources
3.       Panel DiscussionDowell, and Plunkett
4.       Jeff SonnenfeldThe Character of Leadership & Governance:  Board Culture, Succession, and CEO Leadership
5.       David CampbellWrap-up
6.       Leaetta HoughClosing