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Shaping Innovation Culture: Getting Big Ideas Done

Presenter: David N. DiGiulio

Innovation is best driven from the top of the organization, with the grail being the capability to get big ideas done; time after time after time. To achieve such performance, the leader, as the primary culture shaper, has a multitude of responsibilities including: role modeling desired behavior, creating a shared and understood (primarily across and down) statement of goals and responsibilities, knowing when interventions are required, creating constancy of purpose, creating a thirst for shared learning, enabling evolution of the culture as events and technology dictate, and assessing/monitoring/leveraging individual and collective attitudes in the organization. Examples of proven successful techniques in multiple areas will be explored.

Learning Objectives:

• Identification and deployment of aspects of leadership that can turbocharge innovation.
• Recognition that successful innovation leadership is situational and, as such, is not formulaic.