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Developing a Multi-Level, Multi-Stage Model of Creativity and Innovation in Work Organizations

Presenter:  James L. Farr


A conceptual framework for investigating creativity and innovation at work is described. The model proposes that creative solutions to organizational needs requires  individuals and groups to generate, evaluate, select, and sell ideas throughout the organization via a dynamic, nonlinear process.  Model-based hypotheses and applications concerning the innovation process as it unfolds in organizations are discussed.


Learning objectives:
1. Describe the general stages and phases of organizational creativity and innovation, including the iterative and chaotic nature of the overall process.
2. Explain how cross-level processes, such as selling and coalition building, affect the development and diffusion of creative ideas into successful organizational innovations.
3. Assess the role of contextual factors at various organizational levels in influencing idea generation, acceptance, implementation, and diffusuion.