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Organizational Support for Creativity and Innovation


Presenter:  Michael Frese, University of Giessen & London Business School
Interdisciplinary Research Unit on Evidence-Based Management and Entrepreneurship

Organizational support for innovation can come in different ways. Organizations may provide financial resources, enhance diversity of the teams or make sure that cross-functional teams are in place. They determine work places, such as empowerment, control and complexity, and they give incentives; they help by specifying roles, such as innovation champions and they educate the supervisors in how to enhance creativity and innovations. One of the more important organizational support factors are organizational climate/cultures. A general model of organizational support for innovation will be discussed and the literature reviewed. The model includes levels of analysis – the highest is organizational level with organizational climate/culture, organizational structure, etc., the next highest is related to team composition, supervisory behaviour, and team climate, on the lowest (individual) level includes control, empowerment, complexity, as well as financial incentives. I shall discuss how these affect every stage or creativity and innovation. Practical implications of what we know about organizational support for innovations will be provided and I discuss what we do not yet know in this area.