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Jeremiah Lee

Jeremiah Lee heads Haworth’s Ideation Group- a multidisciplinary team of designers, scientists, and innovators whose mandate is to envision and create the future of workplace.  Jeremiah moved to Shanghai in 2004 to build this team from the ground up.  While Ideation’s core team is based in Shanghai, satellite offices are now present in India and Australia with additional plans to expand into Japan, Singapore and Dubai in the near future.

Prior to moving to China, Jeremiah worked for four years as a designer and researcher in the North American branch of Ideation. During his tenure there, Jeremiah created new concept design pieces, developed research software and systems, and pioneered the way in which Haworth communicates its workspace solutions.

While Jeremiah's background is in design primarily, he has always taken an integrative approach to creative problem solving.  He earned his design degree from Pratt Institute in New York City, focusing on Computer Graphics and interactive media. After working five years in New York as a freelance designer, he began to gravitate towards other areas of creative work such as research design, software development, and systematic innovation management.

In addition to work he is doing with Ideation, Jeremiah is now working towards the development of a ground-breaking organizational creativity assessment tool.  Jeremiah also speaks regularly at international forums and panel discussions throughout Asia Pacific on topics ranging from workplace design to managing organizational culture.