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Michael D. Mumford

Dr. Michael D. Mumford is the George Lynn Cross Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma where he directs the center for applied social research. He recieved his doctoral degree from the University of Georgia in 1983 in the fields of industrial and organizational psychology and psychometrics. Dr. Mumford is a fellow of the American Psychological Association (Divisons 3, 5, 14), the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the American Psychological Society. He has written more than 200 articles on creativity, innovation, planning, leadership, and ethics. he serves as senior editor of the Leadership Quarterly and is on the editorial boards of the Creativity Research Journal, the Journal of Creative Behavior, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and the Journal of Business Ethics. Dr. Mumford has served as principal investigator on grants totaling more than 25 million from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, and the Department of State.  He is a recipient of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • describe the three major ways leader's encourage innovation among followers
  • describe the major processes by which leaders think about innovation
  • describe the major stages by which leaders form plans to develope an innovative product.