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SIOP Consortium 2008: Executive Coaching for Effective Performance: Leading Edge Practice and Research

Open Space Session
Topic: Managing large-scale coaching engagements in organizations
·        Who will fund coaching? HR? Business units? Leaders?
·        How to set pricing?
·        How to address scope and scale of engagements? (e.g., global audience)
·        Who is the target audience? Who is eligible to participate?
·        What are the goals? Behaviors change? Performance outcomes?
·        What coaches to use? External? Internal?
·        How best to link coaching to overall leadership and talent development practices?
·        Need to build commitment
o       Understand organization’s historical perspective and experience with coaching
o       Find champions
o       Adopt top-down approach in deploying coaching to gain buy in
o       Share success stories
·        Selection of coaches
o       Criteria
o       On boarding
o       Competitive bidding
·        Decide on building internal infrastructure vs. outsourcing
·        Sustainability (over time, given changes in top leadership)
·        Optional Coaching Models:
o       Wild west
o       HR platform (“build it and they will come…”)
o       Link to leadership and top talent programs
·        Choose a model that fits the organization’s culture, history, and maturity