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Coaching Certification by SIOP 

The first step in this process has to be to conduct a needs analysis. Even though there was a healthy support and interest in this topic at the meeting, we need to see if SIOP members feel the need for a SIOP Coach Certification. Many of the attendees indicated that more and more corporations are asking for ICF certified coaches. This request may place I/O psychology professionals in a position of either having to get that ICF certification or having a dialogue with their clients about the virtues of graduate education in psychology. Either way it places us in a disadvantageous position of having to explain ourselves. This situation may not be of concern to established senior executive coaches, but it certainly does not help new entrants into the field who have an I/O education. What we need to ask ourselves is, “Do we need to establish ourselves as the foremost authority in the field of Executive Coaching, and will having a SIOP certificate get us there?”
Below is a list of the thoughts and ideas that were documented during the open spaces brainstorming session.  
  1. Conduct needs analysis
  2. Conduct cost/benefit analysis of having SIOP Coach Certification
  3. Communicate with APA and Div. 13 to assess the possibilities of collaborating on this process
  4. Communicate with ICF to gather information and gauge the possibilities of collaborating with them
  5. Conduct job analysis of Executive Coaches
  6. Differentiate our certification from ICF’s by emphasizing the following
    1. SIOP certified coaches will have a minimum of a Master’s in psychology
    2. We will have a consistency in our background and training (no truck drivers turned coach)
    3. We are science and evidence based
    4. Our ethical guidelines will be more stringent than those of ICF
    5. Etc.
  7. Competencies identified at the meeting are as follows
    1. Knowledge of performance evaluation
    2. Assessment tools-related issues of ethics, legality, standards etc.
    3. Business experience
    4. Leadership theory
    5. Learning theory
    6. Motivation
    7. Change management
    8. Normal personality theory
    9. Program evaluation
    10. Training analysis
    11. Goal setting
    12. Systems theory
    13. Key interpersonal skills
  1. Food for thought
    1. What will the minimum qualifications be?
    2. What type of Education and Practical experience will be acceptable
    3. Will there be any Grandfathering in provision
    4. Who will manage infrastructure and resources such as
                                                               i.      SIOP certification
                                                             ii.      CEUs
                                                            iii.      University coursework
  1. Next steps
    1. Send brainstorming information to SIOP
    2. Sign up to volunteer on this committee
    3. Conduct a competency study on executive coaches
    4. Communicate with APA
    5. Communicate with Div. 13
    6. Contact ICF for possible collaboration
    7. Request feedback from Exec. Comm.
    8. Propose next volunteer meeting