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Making Connections Between Academics and Coaches

            How can academics support coaching practice?
            How can coaches “feed” their experiences back to academics?
  • Several levels of issues/need to address a number of different needs:
      1.         SOS: a coach who needs help with something NOW
      2.         Information on-going trends
      3.         SIOP workshops/presentations
      4.         Blogs or other way of getting information exchange
  • Establish a partnership between SHRM, SIOP, AoM to address this issue (SIOP visibility committee working on this, in terms of making efforts to get better science-based information out there)
  • Search/select tool to post research, to post consulting, and to match researchers to consultants and vice versa
  • Electronic resources, such as a social networking site (linkedin? Facebook? Others?)
      1.         Coaches to there to get information/articles
      2.         Academics “get” information through having practicing coaches complete surveys, help gather date, etc.
  • Universities, either alone or as part of a partnership with others, need to build a center of excellence in topic such as coaching, to facilitate link with practice
  • Need ways to balance organizational inputs and organizational “get-backs” – both sides need to learn language and needs of other