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Coaching – Good to Great – 1st Session
Ideas to continue to grow and develop as a coach to be great:
¨ ICF Certification – may have some helpful aspects
¨ Ask clients for feedback – i.e. verbal at end, verbal earlier 3-5 sessions
¨ Peer coaching – Do we practice what we sell?
¨ Know where you can be successful
¨ Do we have the courage to step out of engagements if don’t see progress
¨ Challenge those not making progress
¨ How do we know if we’ve been successful?
o        Coaching outcome survey – various times…a yr. out
o        Mini 360 survey (pre/post)
¨ Willingness to get out of comfort zone
¨ Many tools 0 i.e. Kegan Adult Development
SIOP – Missing a big opportunity to provide services and standards
Coaching – Good to Great – 2nd Session
What can we do to continue to grow?
¨ Draw upon expertise of other coaches
o        (e.g., coach; learning group;)
¨ Seek feedback from clients and  sponsors
¨ Personal leadership experience
¨ Seek supervision & coaching
¨ Push self outside comfort zone
o        Even not directly related to coaching
o        E.g. “developmental yoga”
o        E.g. “Travel - increase breadth
¨ Read: Flaherty, Levinson
o        Outside of field
o        Wall Street Journal for business context
o        Smithsonian for breadth
o        Using intuition; “Blink”
¨ Understand business context & language
What has led us to transformational growth (from Good to Great)?
¨ Volume of work – learning; efficiency
¨ Teaching
¨ Taking on someone different than me
¨ Intl/Cross-Cult assignments
¨ Taking a risk
¨ Not doing well in assignment