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From the Open Space session regarding Tips for New Coaches:
Steps in Executive Coaching
1.     In-depth discussion with company to determine what they want—so we can agree on goals and objectives.
2.     Face-to-face interview with coachee to build rapport, see if there’s a fit, gather personal information, determine context factors (the department’s & company’s goals, political situation, recent history), coachee motivation, etc. (i.e., will the coaching work?)
3.     Establish parameters (goals, structure, confidentiality issues, frequency and duration of intervention). With regard to confidentiality, the coach can establish “themes” without using specific names or incidents.
4.     Conduct in-depth Assessment of coachee, plus 360° Feedback
5.     Meet periodically with coachee to get progress reports, determine effectiveness of intervention so far, and set future behavioral goals. Elicit stories from the coachee to better understand him/her.
6.     Have coachee take responsibility for his/her own development (often in conjunction with the coachee’s immediate manager and HR)