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Courtney Shelton Hunt

Courtney Hunt, PhD is the Principal of Renaissance Strategic Solutions (RSS), a consultancy that helps organizations increase their effectiveness through the design and implementation of innovative and leading-edge strategies and programs. Specializing in social media, communication, and human capital management, RSS works with organizations of all sizes in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, in a wide range of industries. RSS is the founder and sponsor of the Social Media in Organizations (SMinOrgs) Community. Developing this community and meeting the needs of practitioners with respect to the strategic implications of social media is currently RSS's primary focus. In addition to providing training on what social media is and how to use it, RSS provides expertise to clients interested in developing social media strategies and creating and implementing related programs. RSS also helps organizations create and implement social media policies and provides training to ensure both managers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities. For more details on RSS and the SMinOrgs Community, go to http://renaissance-solutions.com and http://sminorgs.net.

Courtney’s background in business development, communications, human capital management, information technology, and academia, combined with her business acumen, enables her to provide a unique holistic perspective and strategic leadership to organizations. She is a sought-after speaker who regularly shares her expertise through presentations and workshops. She also provides insights and thought leadership through her blogs (Renaissance Reflections and the SMinOrgs S.M.A.R.T. Blog), as well as white papers, published articles and book chapters. She is currently developing a Social Media Primer targeted to organizational leaders.


In the Digital Era, is “Virtual Workforce” Redundant?

To kick off the conference, I will present a high-level overview of the main characteristics of the 2.0 phase of the Digital Era and illustrate how constantly-evolving technologies create a strong impetus for us to redefine what we consider “normal” when it comes to thinking about how work gets done. I’ll identify opportunities and challenges inherent in Digital Era work life, connecting them to themes and topics addressed in the sessions to follow. I’ll also share my thoughts on other important ways in which attendees and their colleagues can explore and implement new and better ways of designing, leading, and optimizing work.

Learning Objectives

1.     Explain the main characteristics of the 2.0 phase of the Digital Era and how it impacts virtual work.
2.     Identify some of the key opportunities that new technologies present in the context of virtual work.
3.     Discuss some of the key leadership and management challenges of virtual work.