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Erin Meezan

As an attorney working as a lobbyist for environmental organizations, early in her career, Erin Meezan could not have imagined that she would ever work for a carpet company.  Working for the Georgia Energy Office, she focused on projects that would promote renewable energy, then she learned about Interface, and its notion of tapping a LaGrange, Ga., landfill as a source of energy, and she was intrigued. Today, Erin would argue that she does more good working in industry, where she and her team daily challenge the notion of business as usual.

As Vice President of Sustainability for Interface, Erin gives voice to the company’s conscience, ensuring that strategy and goals are in sync with the aggressive sustainability vision established 18 years ago.  She leads a team that provides technical assistance and support to the company’s global business , addressing sustainability at all levels– from operations and management, to employees and customers, and in policy forums.  And she also keeps a finger on the pulse of the company’s transformed culture, a by product of sustainability thinking that has been critical in driving innovation and retaining and attracting talented employees. Erin and her team are focused on nourishing and reinforcing the unique culture, and also on documenting its evolution.  

Erin also works with NGOs as an advisor on Boards and steering committees to develop standards and market guidance to drive sustainable business, and is a frequent lecturer on sustainable business to senior management teams, universities and the growing green consumer sector.  She has spoken at a variety of conferences and forums including: Bioneers, Greenbuild, SXSW, Businesses for Social Responsibility and others.

Erin is a magna cum laude graduate of the Vermont Law School, where she earned her Masters Degree in Studies in Environmental Law and her Juris Doctor degree.  


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