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Jennifer Norton, M.S.

Jennifer Norton is a research consultant affiliated with North Carolina State University and the National Center for O*NET Development.  She has worked on O*NET projects for more than 12 years and has researched areas including work task content, occupational taxonomy issues, high-growth industries, new and emerging technologies, occupational-special tools and technologies and cross-occupational work activities.  Her work related to “Greening” of O*Net products and tools includes co-authorship of:  Greening of the World of Work:  Implications for the O*NET-SOC and New and Emerging Occupations (2009); Greening of the World of Work:  Revisiting Occupational Consequences (2012), the O*NET Green Book of References (2011).  She has also participated in the O*NET Green Task Development Project and the O*NET Green Competency effort.  These projects enable O*NET to reflect the most up to date information on the green economy and green occupations.  In addition, she has co-authored a chapter in the upcoming book Green Organizations:  Driving Change with I/O Psychology (Ann Huffman and Stephanie Klein, Eds.)  Ms. Norton received an M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from North Carolina State University.  On a personal level, she is doing her part for environmental sustainability and carbon footprint reduction by working entirely from a home office.

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