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James Cameron

James Cameron is currently serving Walmart as Vice President, Global Talent Development.  For the last four years he has been designing and executing a seminal leadership and personnel development system, known as Leadership Academy, which accelerates leaders through the business in order to ensure that the right talent is available for future global growth. He is now also leading a project to optimize Leadership Development across the whole of Walmart Stores Inc.  Prior to joining Walmart, James spent 25 years as an officer in the British Army, fought and led in numerous conflict zones, was an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he trained the British Army’s future leaders for three years and was Assistant Director Counter Terrorism in the British Ministry Of Defence. He has worked with officials from numerous governments including Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, Comoros, Singapore, Algeria, Yemen, Libya, France, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Sudan, USA, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.  He is now applying all those lessons to the development of leaders in the world’s largest company.

Presentation: Lessons from training leaders for complex global military operations and their application to the world’s largest retailer.

Abstract: Walmart is a complex business with enormous growth targets and continuously growing need for leaders who can operate with quality execution and adapt to changing customer needs and evolving environments. This session will describe a unique development program for future leaders, leveraging lessons from the military and “leader as teacher” approach.

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