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Cara Lundquist

Cara Lundquist leads Talent Management at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. In this role, she is responsible for strengthening the leadership pipeline through talent identification, development and succession planning. Recently, she and her team redesigned and implemented an expanded talent and succession planning process to investigate, monitor, and actively manage the broader talent pipeline within Aeronautics. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin in September 2013, Cara held several leadership roles over ten years at a major electric utility, Southern California Edison. In her final role at SCE, she led HR Talent Solutions and was responsible for talent and succession planning, as well as performance management, executive recruitment, leadership assessment, and major redesign initiatives. She holds a M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and has over fourteen years of internal and external consulting experience.

Presentation: Serving Up Metrics that Matter

Abstract: To improve overall talent pipeline health and optimize investments, serve up metrics that matter at each stage of the process and program maturity. Use data, metrics, analyses, and formatting that are familiar to senior executives to gain credibility, buy-in, and ultimately the ownership necessary to move forward.

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