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2017 LEC Learning Objectives


  • Explain the global human capital trends which are affecting the contexts in which today’s and tomorrow’s executives work and perform.
  • Predict future directions of executive coaching, including trends that will affect executive coaching and myths that might derail it from being effective.
  • Explore and discuss technology tools that are being deployed in coaching to improve effectiveness.
  • Describe how current organizations are using coaching to support leadership development, and determine areas that would be able to be replicated elsewhere.
  • Identify behavioral and cognitive models of change theory and how they can influence the methodologies used in coaching.


  • Describe the latest cognitive advances in the application of neuroscience to coaching
  • List and compare techniques for training coaches to better deal with client’s resistance and to develop their leadership philosophy
  • Discuss and compare effective approaches for coaching leaders at the top of their respective organizations
  • Explain why executive coaches need supervision and critique different approaches for supervising coaching

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