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Robert Eichinger

Bob is currently President of TeamTelligent, LLC and Senior Director of Solutions for MatrixInsights.  Both organizations are engaged in the creation of web applications for talent development.

Previously Bob was the Vice Chairman of the Korn/Ferry Institute for Korn/Ferry International.  Also as co-founder and CEO of Lominger International, Bob brings more than five decades of experience working, teaching, consulting, and coaching.

Prior to Lominger, he was with Pillsbury in Minneapolis, where he led employment, affirmative action, training, management and executive development.

Before Pillsbury, Bob was with PepsiCo in New York as the director of management development in three divisions: Pepsi‑Cola USA; PepsiCo International, where he was in charge of international executive development; and PepsiCo Corporate, where he led executive development across all of PepsiCo.

Before PepsiCo, he spent a decade with LWFW, a consulting firm in Texas specializing in executive assessment and development, training and development, organization development, quality and work design, and market research.

Bob has given feedback to and been the coach of 100's of senior level executives over his career and has authored over 50 books, software products, and other intellectual property around the topic of talent management and succession planning. He is the co-creator of the concept of learning agility, a leading predictor of effective leadership.

He holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Since 2006, he has spent most of his time studying NeuroLeadership with the goal of developing tools for managers and executives to manage their brain resources more effectively.


Dealing With Resistance


Following Dr. Boyatzis’ presentation, Dr. Eichinger will comment on his presentation and findings — alternative approaches to addressing psychological resistance in the coachee and the associated brain dynamics of the two approaches. Additionally, implications will be critiqued and discussed for coaching psychologists about how to more effectively handle coachees’ resistance. He will reference and elaborate on Boyatzis’s points, helping to bring key points to life in the specific area of dealing with resistance. Dr. Eichinger, where possible, will connect Richard’s points to his own pre-consortium workshop and article in the upcoming issue of Consulting Psychology Journal.

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